Something is Very Wrong With Trump Women

Why Would any Woman Support Such a Boorish Creep?


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Several months ago, I had the unique experience of my step-mom agreeing with me on a critical political issue. Married to my ultra-conservative father, who came to his political convictions at the intersection of his retirement and the birth of FOX News, my step-mom of four decades also eventually succumbed to the constant drumbeat of negative rhetoric. So, it came as a surprise when she spoke up over dinner, right there in front of dad, expressing her strident opposition to Donald Trump. Notably, our conversation occurred many months prior to the GOP candidate’s multiple groping scandals.

She’s a practicing labor law attorney who marks the bulk of her billable hours consulting on workplace practices and policy — and yes, harassment and discrimination are prominent topics of concern. Trump must be a sea of red flags to her.

This election cycle, American women find themselves on the cusp of the centennial of women’s suffrage, and nearly five decades in the wake of the women’s liberation movement, conditions remain little improved. Polls consistently demonstrate men are supporting Trump — a revolting misogynist of the worst stripe to any intelligent women’s estimation.

The trending hashtag among his male supporters is “repeal the 19th.”

Why does the modern male embrace this caveman attitude? We must have that discussion about men (and we will) — it being a time-honored tradition among women since the stone age, but at this juncture we must call-out women who support the reprehensible beast.

The 2014 documentary, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, a film about the 1960’s feminist movement, has a segment of particular prevalence. The topic was the pervasiveness of rape and assault and the routine blaming of women in that time. They cited a specific incident, emblematic of the culture, in which the victim was told by police she was not to be believed because she was not attractive enough to have been raped.

That vile attitude is pure Trumpism, 2016.

Those of us who recoil in disgust at Trump over the repugnant, mendacious, spoiled buffoon that he is, can’t fathom why any woman would support such a dangerous monster. Perhaps seeing Trump for the foul person he truly is might be like those Magic Eye posters of the 1990s, where only perceptive individuals could see the 3D image. Or maybe Trump supporters are Amelia Bedelia literalists, completely unaware of duplicity or ulterior motives — but, in this case the result isn’t comical in the least.

Science points to a phenomenon reported last year in Scientific American in which certain vulnerable individuals are attracted to pathological personality traits — particularly of the likes found in the cornucopia of odious characteristics displayed by Trump.

Or maybe these women are just plain stupid.

Luckily, a majority of women seem to see through his narcissistic facade. What I observe is a deeply troubled man who, had he not been to the manner born, would be clad in an ill-fitted plaid suit while wafting clouds of cheap cologne. However, the rich man/poor man contrast ends there — both Donalds would be grabby braggarts, who apparently bathe in a vat of tikka masala, are awash in too much hair product, and make a living off of cheating and swindling easy marks.

His wife Melania was all over the media this week doing his dirty work, blaming everyone but her loathsome spouse. She threw Billy Bush under the bus, claiming the clueless giggly young man had goaded her husband into “boy talk.” She whined and whined about everyone being mean to her husband and telling all those lies — it’s everybody’s fault but his.

When queried about what cause celebre she would champion as first lady, Melania replied: bullying on social media. That’s rich, coming from the wife of a man who, had he not been well-known and a presidential candidate, would certainly be banned from Facebook and Twitter. Melania sloughed-off his behavior, claiming it was his prerogative.

Michelle Obama, an exceptional first lady and class-act in every way, capsulized the frustration and disgust felt by thinking women in her moving speech last week. Her words were a salve on the wounds inflicted on the American psyche every day by this vulgar cheeto-encrusted manbaby and his apologists and sycophants — of both genders.

DSCN0444Amy Kerr Hardin

For idiom geeks: Yes, it’s “to the manner born”, not manor. The former is a Hamlet phrase which was cleverly twisted for the BBC series: To the Manor Born — both bearing roughly the same meaning: born of means.



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12 Responses to Something is Very Wrong With Trump Women

  1. Barbara Gourdin says:

    Thank you Ms. Hardin, you verbalized the exact thoughts in my mind! We need more women like you who “get” it.

  2. Glenn Williams says:

    Excellent article

  3. Adam says:

    Thank you for your article. I just do not get it??? I am a Democratic, liberal, through-and-through, and not a fan of Hillary Clinton. However in the wake of this monster running against her, I love her. I am a clinician and a Master’s level major in Forensic Mental Health. You do not need a Psych degree to diagnose Trump. Any first year Psych student can clearly see he is a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and possible sociopathy. It’s shameful enough that men back him, but the women I cannot comprehend. These women with shirts pointing to their crotch that read “you can grab this”??????? Obviously the one saving grace is that the large majority of Trump supporters are non-college educated and as I say constantly, they have been snookered. They cannot see the reality through all the bluster.

  4. Roberta Betts says:

    Thank you !!! I have family (mostly men) who are Trump supporters and it scares me…..

  5. Candace says:

    I’m trying very hard not to label any of the Trump supporters as “stupid” — very ignorant, maybe, often close-minded, for sure. Frankly, since I try to read all the source material I can to understand what is going on and then read the comment “stupid uneducated liberal” stings and I am not going to throw it back at them. Being ignorant when there is so much available factual information is by far more egregious than stupidity. I do find it curious that these women seem to adore him, and I don’t understand it. They certainly don’t seem to care about his track record. They are only concerned about perceived wrongs that have been done to them or their families by the evil federal government and can’t see past it, and they think Trump is their savior, if only that he does not come from politics. Sadly, they will find out soon enough if by some small chance he wins that he cannot be starting a new career about which he knows nothing at age 70. Why doesn’t anyone talk about that?

  6. Sue Lockwood says:

    Again, spot on!

  7. Jeanne Skadowski says:

    Remember Stockholm Syndrome? I believe these woman are victims of it. No other action seems to fit, other than them being beaten down year after year by Stepford conditioning at the hands of their secretly (and oftimes not so secretly) brutal men. Their bragging about “Trump can grab my ***** anytime” is starting to sound like “Methinks thee protest too much”…a form of hysteria as they desperately seek to make themselves safe from the fallout their neandertal men’s mindset.

    I can only hope that most of these women, while afraid of what their husbands and their male friends would do to them, are simply parroting their men’s ideals, to keep themselves safe from abuse, all the while planning to vote against Trump while in the safe privacy of the voting booth.

  8. John says:

    As a man NONE of this makes any sense to me, He wants a drug test but has the classic signs of cocaine use, Erratic and needing little sleep. If he is elected we will have a nuclear war as I have never seem a thinner skinned person.

  9. Kitty Dillashaw says:

    Amy, as usual you nailed it. Proud of you for speaking your mind and giving those of us who do not have your gift of eloquence a voice. Delighted to have you and your tremendous insight as a life long friend.

  10. Kim says:

    I know we’ll educated women supporting him because they are Republicans to the bone. These are the women I do not understand. I was so delighted to read your article. However, it does not address the woman mentioned above. How can they support such a vile and dangerous man?

  11. Deanna Loretta says:

    Those women who like Trump must be ignorant. There can’t be any other explanation.

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