Former Teacher of Rep. Lyons Strikes Back

worlds_best_teacher_mug[1]A compelling blog post on the Michigan Education Association website slipped under the radar two weeks ago. A former teacher and school advisor of the Michigan House Education Committee Chair, Lisa Posthumus-Lyons, wrote the lawmaker a letter in response to her disgusting comment about teachers — “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered”. Lyons was referencing her rationale for the forced closure of Buena Vista and Inkster schools.

Here’s just a portion of what he had to tell Ms. Lyons about her conduct in the House:

Dear Lisa,

As your Agriscience Teacher and FFA Advisor at Lowell High School, I watched you grow throughout your high school career into adulthood.  I encouraged and coached you in your leadership development activities on the local, regional, and state levels.  Now, as a resident of Bowne Township, I am one of your legislative constituents.

So, when I saw the video of your comments on the floor of the House of Representatives that teachers are “pigs” and that “hogs get slaughtered,” I was appalled and deeply offended.  You degraded and alienated the entire profession that is responsible for the education that ultimately lead to the office that you currently hold.

The full letter and the official MEA response can be read here.

At Democracy Tree, I frequently write about the GOP war on teachers, so much so, that some far-right elements are sharing these articles for the purpose of leaving me nasty-grams in the comments section. (Note: Democracy Tree moderates comments and publishes only those that are on topic and civil.) The most frequent type of negative comment received typically accuses me of being a lousy teacher, which is news to me, because I’m not a teacher, not a member of a union, nor a public sector worker. Here’s just one recent example:

Hey Admin,

Nobody likes a smug bitch. And also, how many times did you take part in a “hardcore number-crunching session?” Oh really, once you say? Great sample you’ve drawn from! Real riveting shit!!!! Maybe that’s why all but five Michiganders never bothered to read this slanted piece of shit you call an article.

I hope you don’t teach English.

That was in response to a rather staid article about those schools facing forced closure due to fiscal distress. The anonymous author of the letter went under the pseudonym “Sick of the Shit”. Staying true to my comments policy, I don’t publish this type of tripe as a rule, but I do save them for future reference — like now.

Democracy Tree is pleased to inform “Sick of the Shit” that 3,842-plus readers read the particular post he/she was commenting on — a number slightly larger than five. Smug bitch says: “Hope you’re not a math teacher”.

Amy Kerr Hardin

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3 Responses to Former Teacher of Rep. Lyons Strikes Back

  1. Roy Johnson says:

    Lower your voice and strengthen your argument. -Lebanese proverb

    I wish the people leaving irrational and/or profane comments would follow the advice above. Yelling or cursing in response to something you don’t agree with doesn’t enlighten me to your point, or sway me to your point of view.

  2. Zeke says:

    As a retired teacher, as well as a constituent of Rep. Lyons, I was also offended by her demeaning characterizations of teachers. I might have left it there, but last fall, as I was on my way to visit her office to express my opinion about cuts to public education, I was on an elevator with several young GOP staffers who referred to those demonstrating against cuts to public education as “Scum”. The venom being unleashed against public education is not appearing out of nowhere, and it is the responsibility of our political leaders to nip this in the bud by being good examples and supporting the public education that enabled them to achieve their positions.

  3. Gayle Barton says:

    I only have one comment to Lisa Lyons: if I was your mother I would be absolutely appalled and I believe I would completely cut all ties with you. Your behavior is of a spoiled rotten child and I did not raise you that way. Find a new family!

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