Snyder Aide Fires Michael Moore Via Voicmail

Michael MooreHe won’t fire Rich Baird, his corrupt “Transformation Manager”, or Aramark, the even more corrupt private food vendor in Michigan’s prisons– but Gov. Snyder blithely kicked Michael Moore to the curb via voicemail — from a perky aide, no less.

Nancy, from the governor’s office made the call, and left this 28 second message:

“Hello Mr. Moore. My name is Nancy, and I’m calling from Gov. Snyder’s office. I’m calling on behalf of the governor to thank you for your time and service on the film commission, and to let you know that your term has come to an end, and the governor has made new appointments. So, we just wanted to say thank you for all the time you spent on the commission, and all that you did for the state, and all that you do for the film industry in Michigan and around the world. Thank you for all your time and service. Have a great day. Bye.”

The award-winning filmmaker’s four-year term was up on the Michigan Film Office Advisory Council, so Snyder replaced him with a businessman, Ted Serbinski, from Detroit Venture Partners, which as the name implies — is a venture capital firm. Another council member whose term was also up, corporate executive Bill Ludwig, was reappointed to a new term.

While Moore certainly is a political lightening rod, he is also a valuable resource in the film industry, and firing him will be a loss for the state.

However, on the bright side, Moore may now take a greater interest in criticizing the Snyder administration — and we welcome that.

DSCN0444Amy Kerr Hardin

Listen to the voicemail here.


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