Another School Shooting & Michigan Senate Tries to Loosen Gun Regs

Another school shooting, and another Michigan lawmaker gaffe — just a month after the Newtown massacre and the ill-fated guns in schools legislation were introduced on the same morning, (vetoed by Gov. Snyder) — here we go again….

As details of the Texas school shooting come in, it is reported that Sen. Rick Jones (R) introduced the Firearms Freedom Act¬†in Michigan — a bill that is described by The Tenth Amendment Center as:

“Originally introduced and passed in Montana, the FFA declares that any firearms made and retained in-state are beyond the authority of Congress under its constitutional power to regulate commerce among the states. The FFA is primarily a Tenth Amendment challenge to the powers of Congress under the commerce clause, with firearms as the object.”

Translation: Guns manufactured and sold within state lines are exempt from all federal gun laws. Lawmakers readily admit that the legislation is unconstitutional and that their intent is merely a push-back on potential upcoming gun regulation legislation.

Way to go Michigan lawmakers…way to go.

Amy Kerr Hardin  This article also appears in Voters Legislation Transparency Project

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6 Responses to Another School Shooting & Michigan Senate Tries to Loosen Gun Regs

  1. Richard T. Desvernine Jr. says:

    Sorry Michigan Legislators, I but have call you on this bullshit. Your job is to uphold the law not to euchre it. If you readily admit that the legislation is unconstitutional then you have no business propagating it on the people’s dime as it is a misappropriation of public resources. Michigan Legislature FAIL!

  2. george j tromp says:

    The Michigan GOP are bought and paid for by NRA extremists. They have done nothing but screw workers, tax senior this travesty…fire all of them and their dictator Snyder.

  3. Kevin Zimmerman says:

    To Richard,Like you said,It’s the governments job to enforce our laws,not euchre it.Read the second amendment! Our Federal Goverment has no problem euchreing that one do they.

    • Richard T. Desvernine Jr. says:

      If you believe that the Federal Government is delving into deception and unconstitutionality –just how on the goddesses green earth –is more deception and more unconstitutionality by the Michigan Legislature going to straighten things out?

  4. Timothy Siangdun says:

    Don’t blame NRA. Investigate Western Michigan University. You will see crystal clear to all why school shooting happens. NRA means checks and balances to a lot of folks.

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