Right to Work — The Domino Effect

Lawmakers in states that formerly lacked the political will to openly bust unions with Right to Work laws are now lining-up like dominoes, emboldened by the Michigan lame duck legislative feeding frenzy that puked-up, among 300 hastily passed laws, a RTW bill that the spineless flip-flopping governor meekly signed into law, after saying he had no interest in that agenda.

A few days ago, Wisconsin threatened a new RTW push, citing Michigan as inspiration, and now Keystone State Rep. Jim Cox (R) is sponsoring a package of bills that will push his Pennsylvania workers over that cliff. Americans for Prosperity is prepared to throw their full weight behind this, making the claim that RTW states have fared better in this economy — a fantasy assertion that is not borne out in reality.

Similar to Michigan’s Gov. Snyder, Tom Corbett (R), the Governor of Pennsylvania since 2011, has previously claimed his state lacked the political will for a RTW law, but it is speculated that he will sign one if it crosses his desk.

Right to Work — just one more phalanx in the conservative fight against the working people of America and the assault on the democratic process on which our nation was founded (note the past tense).

Amy Kerr Hardin This article also appears in Voters Legislative Transparency Project



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