Rick Snyder: The Great Equivocator

imagesCA6FYHTRWhen asked the tough questions about his new laws, Right-to-Work and Emergency Manager, Gov. Snyder equivocates — mastering the non-answer answer like a true politician. Wow, the Nerd’s really grown into the job.

Queried yesterday about the bill that would penalize state universities with a 15 percent funding cut if they renegotiate contracts prior to the March 28th enactment of Right-to-Work, Snyder hedged and deflected. MLive reported the governor said:

 “What I would say is, if people are coming in and bargaining in good faith and showing real benefits, I don’t believe people should be penalized. Now, the real issue would be if somebody were doing that with no substance to simply extend the date, then I could see legislators having a concern. So it’s just something to watch in the legislative process.”

But, went on to explain:

“at the same time, you have to respect that the legislators are responsible for the appropriations process.”

(You can almost hear him shuffling his feet.)

While you’re attempting to wrap your head around what that means, try this one on too…When asked his opinion about the possibility of Lansing being assigned an Emergency Manager in the wake of Mayor Virg Bernero releasing a report containing recommendations meant to avoid a financial emergency, Snyder quiped:

“It’s great to see communities being more open and transparent about their problems”

On the surface that sounds real nice and all, but in the context of the true nature of the new Emergency Manager law, it’s brazenly hypocritical. Public Act 436 of 2012 is all about dismantling democracy largely without transparency, accountability and public participation. Read an analysis of the law here.

Much like Detroit, the capitol city has no love lost for the governor, with his approval rating tanking at 28.7 percent in the Lansing-area in a survey taken last Fall, prior to the new Emergency Manager and Right-to-Work laws.

Assign an EM to that community, and the governor’s rating will be lower than his shoe size.

Amy Kerr Hardin This article also appears in Voters Legislative Transparency Project

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