Repudiation — That’s What Team Romney is Calling it These Days

As Romney backpedals like a Russian circus bear on his  “47 %” remarks, now calling them “completely wrong”, knowing full-well Obama is not going to repeat the mistake of bringing a knife to a gun fight in their next debate — Mitt’s campaign team is working that old etch-a-sketch like a fourteen year old boy with the Victoria’s Secret Christmas catalogue…and we can expect plenty more “repudiation” over the next few days.

The revision and lies just don’t quit… 

Just today, Romney and company are trying to spin good news as bad on the new Bureau of Labor Statistics sunny jobs report. We went from 8.1 per cent to 7.8 per cent unemployment…and Romney is claiming that is not good enough, as if he has some magic wand to dig our nation out of the abyss his party is responsible for in the first place.

And Jack Welch, former chair of GE and grouchy old white fucker, actually tweeted that the Obama administration had fabricated the new jobs numbers for political gain. Welch, like most Romney supporters are willing to buy any load of crap, (including their candidate as a credible president), as they collectively hold their noses to elect the white guy with the funny religion… because any white guy will do at this point –hell, Larry the cable guy, whatever…anyone but not  “that man“.

Do they have any idea how history will view their thinly disguised racism, with all that loaded code language for “black”?

Probably not, and they don’t even care, cuz they simply can’t see past their patrician white noses.

Amy Kerr Hardin

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  1. Randy Priest says:

    Just so, Amy, just so! I hope the Prez realizes there are no “rules of engagement” for class warfare in these remaining debates. The rope-a- dope round is over; time to open up a can of ass whoop!

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