Mass-Murder Etiquette 101 — Republican Style

What a difference a mass-murder of kindergartners makes…

…especially on the heels of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly on America Live joining in the conservative clamour calling for NBC Sports to fire Bob Costas for daring to inappropriately suggest during half-time that it’s time for our nation to have a serious conversation about gun violence.

Last Friday, the day of the Sandy Hook School mass-murder, the NRA Twitter feed fell suddenly silent — save for the very angry tweets directed at the organization. Among them we find:

@NRA Please never tweet again

On the tenth day of Christmas the @NRA gave to me, an elementary school slaughter

@NRA Assholes

@NRA <– They are posting stuff about a contest while children lay dead from legislation they back. Nice.

@NRA Go fuck yourselves

FOX News slammed Bob Costas for not obeying some imaginary protocol to wait twenty-four hours after bloody tragedies before discussing the causes of such gun-related violence. This must be what occurred with the NRA — they were simply practicing exquisitely good manners. After all, they wrote the book on gun etiquette. (Seriously)

Not everyone obeyed the twenty-four hour rule after Sandy Hook. The perennially boorish Rush Limbaugh was on-air slamming liberals just minutes after those children were gunned-down, claiming Democrats would blame Republicans and use the massacre as a political lever to erode second amendment rights. Limbaugh complained that the mainstream media would heap blame for almost anything, including hurricanes, on innocent conservatives.

Twenty-six people dead, twenty of them aged 6 to 7, and blow-hard Limbaugh plays the victim card. He doth protest too much.

We are a murderous nation. In 2010, we killed nearly 13,000 people on our own soil, with nearly 9,000 of those crimes involving a smoking gun. The United States blood-bath has no end in sight with its population awash in firearms — 270 million guns in private ownership, making it number one in the world, having 88.8 guns per 100 people.

Accuse Republicans? Sure, they seem to be secretly blaming themselves anyhow. Just like a child who’s been naughty, they are trying to distract attention from the carnage caused by their 2nd amendment excesses by doing something “nice” for the Democrats. Take Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — he suddenly found it a reasonable idea on the day of the killings to consider allowing the tax breaks to expire on millionaires while maintaining them for the middle-class.  (Coincidence or guilty conscience?) They know they will lose the fiscal cliff bluff because they really are…

…guilty as sin. And the nation is not in a forgiving mood, no matter how well-mannered Republicans pretend to be.

(Stay tuned:  Will Michigan’s Gov. Snyder (R) sign into law the bill passed by state lawmakers, the same morning as the shooting, that would allow concealed weapons in Michigan schools? He’s already in political hot water over his Right-to-Work flip-flop.)

Amy Kerr Hardin This article also appears in Voters Legislative Transparency Project





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4 Responses to Mass-Murder Etiquette 101 — Republican Style

  1. redwingliger says:

    We are all responsible for the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut… every single one of us spending our money on violent movies, violent music, and/or violent videogames in the interest of entertaining ourselves, and/or our children. We promote those disgusting movies, music, and games, which only encourages their creators to seek even larger profits by finding and feeding our society new versions with even more violence, death, and destruction. Meanwhile, we are not spending the kind of quality family time with our young ones that we once did, and therefore many of us don’t have a clue as to how our young ones are occupying their free time. We have allowed our government to make it unlawful to punish our children when they do wrong and therefore our young ones have no fear of the consequence that may come their way. We worry that spanking our children’s bottoms when they need it may damage their self-esteem, break their little hearts, destroy their spirit, and on top of that we shelter them from experiencing failure, which is a part of life. We as parents no longer teach our children the morals of past societies, to be respectful to others, or ourselves, so our children not only have loose morals, they have very little respect for themselves or anyone else. It is a crying shame when a 14 dear old can tell his father to (and I’m sugarcoating this) “screw off” and when the father slaps his 14-year-old mouth, he’s arrested, and labeled an abusive parent. Our media can’t resist practically creating instant celebrities out of these individuals whom choose to do us harm killing and murdering us, by sensationalizing their godless deeds, and keeping score of how many lives they have taken.

    God has become a four letter word in our homes as well as public schools, and government facilities across our great nation, and we the people have allowed this to happen to all of us. In this country, which was originally founded on freedom of religion we have allowed ourselves and our religion to be oppressed by the godless minority who protest against our right to display religious symbolism in churchyards, government buildings, as well as on our own private property. As a society we ignore our political leaders that do us damage, not only to our Constitutional rights, but even our God-given rights to make our own decisions as to what religious symbolism we may choose to wear in public. And rather than hold them accountable by voting them out of office we sit back, ignoring the harm they do us, turn a blind eye to what they’ve done and give them even more terms to damage us further. We have ignored the corruption that has become common practice in Washington DC, from getting away with drunken driving, to accepting monetary political favors, (unlawful bribes in all reality) to committing adultery, which gives our political leaders a false sense of security as though they are above the law. If our political leaders promoted God-fearing, wholesome values throughout our society than 99% of them would be without jobs, so it isn’t like they don’t know what they’re doing. They do not want religion to thrive in our country, for the sole purpose of not being held accountable by society. We have listened to the criminals whom have committed crimes against society, given them more comforts and rights than we give ourselves and for what, so they can enjoy a more comfortable life while being incarcerated? We have created a prison system that caters to criminals rather than punishing them, because our Constitution allows for them being treated humanely, regardless as to how savage their crime may have been. We make exceptions for prisoners with a record of good behavior, after they have committed crimes against us, and we reduce their sentences freeing them early so they can reenter society, and become a repeat offender, praying on us again. We no longer believe in an eye for an eye mentality of punishing murderers, because it is too inhumane to put a savagely vicious murderer to death no matter how horribly he or she may have destroyed not only individual lives, but families, and entire communities in many cases.

    Now we all look at each other dumbfounded, scratching our heads, and looking for answers as to how one individual could become so sick and twisted in the mind that he could act out so violently in society. We can’t fathom how anyone could commit such hideous crimes as the Newtown Connecticut massacre as well as the rest of the massacres that have taken place across our country recently. No one can seem to understand that we are creatures of our environment, and when our environment gets flooded with a constant supply of murder and mayhem from the entertainment industry is bound to have an effect on an immature and impressionable mind. Rather than band together and demand our government put an end to removing God from our society, or placing restrictions on the entertainment industry we will continue to ignore the underlying issue, and look for solutions elsewhere. Our government will continue to allow this type of “entertainment” to pollute our and our children’s minds, thanks to lawyers whom make millions claiming that it is a harmless expression of art, and therefore it must be protected under First Amendment rights. When in all reality this is more harmful than any gun that has ever been produced, because it affects a much larger group of people, who have become numb to what was at one time a shocking experience. And we as a people will continue to flock to movie theaters across our nation, and purchase these violent games for our children in record numbers rather than find another way to entertain ourselves. Billions of dollars will flow into the industry, while blood continues to flow out of our educational institutions, religious institutions, and even our entertainment venues in ever-increasing numbers. Rather than addressing the cancer, which is causing this kind of violence in our society, our government will do its best to disarm law-abiding citizens, with their asinine theories of how best to solve the issue. If and when that happens you can rest assured that only those whom are of a criminal mentality will be the only ones wielding weapons against us, and we will be left with no means of protecting ourselves.

    What can one person possibly do to reverse this trend? God only knows, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to reintroduce religious beliefs to our young ones and denounce the violence coming out of the entertainment industry. We should stop purchasing movie tickets, video games, and music filled with every form of violence imaginable from the entertainment industry which does not have the common sense to police itself. We as the patrons of the entertainment industry should shun those entertainers, writers, and producers whom continue to create and promote the garbage that is polluting our minds and the minds of our children, with the same disgust we do a child molester. Once they get the message that we as a society demand more from them, and that we are willing to hold them accountable by not spending our hard-earned dollars on the industry anymore, we’ll start seeing a change in what’s offered to us. Maybe all of our PTA mothers and fathers across this great nation can put pressure on their school districts letting them know that they would prefer their children be subjected to the values that our forefathers founded our country on, and that is to also include OUR FORGOTTEN RELIGIOUS VALUES! And finally we can all start to get more educated and involved with our political leaders, sending them letters, making phone calls and letting them go that the majority of us are waking up and keeping a watchful eye on them, and their careers. It is time that we took charge of our own lives, and sent a strong message to our political leaders telling them to get out of our lives if they want to remain in office, and follow the laws that the rest of us are subjected to. We need to reintroduce a sense of when, whom, why, and how to be respectful of others, teach them manners and reinstate wholesome values to our young ones, otherwise things will continue to disintegrate right before our eyes. We need to spend more time with our young children as a family unit, reading to them, listening to them, understanding them, and helping them to become responsible citizens of society, with a sense of what’s right, and what’s wrong. We must stop allowing them to find their way into society with the mindset that they have been subjected to via the entertainment, as well as the media industries, of today.

    • LMT says:

      It is astonishing that the lack of christian religion in school is being blamed for this incident. Pull out a history book an learn of all the wars perpetuated in the name of Christianity. Not to mention that this is a country with people of all faiths and that is why the founding fathers put in the constitution THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

  2. Richard T. Desvernine Jr. says:

    Dear Redwingler, This country was in part founded on religious freedom NOT religious values… and there is a distinct difference. The freedom that the separation of church and state allows is for all religions and/or no religion at all. That’s why it is in the First Amendment of the Constitution and not way down the list.

  3. Greg says:

    In my most humble opinion, it seems to me this gentleman was not pointing fingers at any one party, but refutting the unfounded accusations of made by poo flinging monkeys from a world that obviously isn’t the one i live in. “What does it matter”? Right or left, black or white, rich or poor? What happened was wrong, wrong, wrong. Does anyone disagree? So why is it people want to distract us from this fact? Think about it. If we get imbroiled in a useless and meaningless conversation about an event that should not even be politicized in the first place, we will do nothing and achieve nothing from it. If we are all scared by these monkeys into believing we are being victimized we will all turtle up, get defensive and take no proactive response. Does your hate really exceed your common sense? If your heart holds onto fear that fear will soon turn to hate. I see this in all the illogical responses in this post that bring God (god save us all) into the equation. God didnt do this… humans did. Rather than take the extra time to fill out a background check form or, god forbid, reload my gun so i can shoot more bullets into something that is allready quite dead or has fled the scene, we are fighting over whether these phsychopaths are democrat or republican. Do you see where this is getting us? Absolutely nowhere. Just to place a fact in. Just as many innocent deaths were dealt in the name of god as for any other reason. Quit acting like a victim, stop listening to the war drums of the poo flinging monkeys and use the brain god gave us. What would Jesus do? Stop looking for your own personal devil. Above all quit getting sidetracked by people who would rather have you do nothing to make this world a better place. By the way If you have all the guns, why do you think they are pointed at you?

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