Hallelujah! Republicans Finally Create a Job!

Anyone looking for a job? Maybe it’s time to think about picking-up a little extra cash just to keep the family fed and clothed?

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The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is looking for a new leader. Yep, their current Executive Director, Ron Scheberle, is stepping down and the organization is searching for a fresh new face at the helm. Consider this:

Lonely, cold-hearted 501(c)(3) seeks…

The ideal Executive Director candidate is a fearless leader who is enthusiastic about the opportunity for change at the state-level. He/she is a creative thinker who relishes the notion of leading an organization dedicated to limited government, free markets, and federalism. The ideal candidate has a “roll your sleeves up” attitude and is capable of inspiring staff and supporters to effect change.

Turn-ons include:

Crisis/Controversy: The ideal candidate is not afraid of controversy. He/she relishes the notion of leading an organization dedicated to limited government, free markets and federalism even when that means coming under attack from those who are opposed to such principles.

What? You say you are a Democrat, and would never qualify? No, no, no… apparently ALEC is simply awash with progressive types like yourself. Don’t be shy gentle readers, ALEC wants you:

Today, ALEC’s free-market, limited government, pro-growth policies are the reason the organization maintains the support of legislators on both sides of the aisle and in all 50 states.

ALEC, being a renowned bastion of integrity, honesty and what-not, must surely be swimming in Democratic leadership. Why not apply now and avail yourself of this wonderful opportunity to be bathed in the warm glow of your brethren?

Indeed, a quick head count of Democratic lawmakers affiliated with ALEC, at both the state and federal level, revealed a total of 26 boasting a capital “D” after their name. They hailed from 15 states, and make-up almost 4 percent of their membership. Republicans on the other hand, claimed all 50 states, with a total, give or take, of about 689. Of course that number is adjusted after factoring-out those listed as “former” lawmakers, governors, and er, the deceased — Jesse Helms made the list. (Shhh…Republicans think he’s been living happily on a farm in North Carolina for the past six years.)

The ideal progressive candidate to head ALEC will be in good company. Their Board of Directors enjoys a lavish 10 percent Democratic level of representation. Of the three Dems in the group of 29, each occupy an emeritus position — mostly honorary stuff. Two are former lawmakers, and one, Bobby Hogue, is presumably an insurance magnate from Arkansas — it’s hard to tell, he may be a former major league baseball player by that name who died in 1987. We wouldn’t want Helms to be lonely.

So, c’mon you lazy Democrats — the Republicans have finally created a job. We should honor their accomplishment.

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