Michigan Families Suffer Tea Party Fools

povertyMichigan’s GOP Senators are relaxing in their comfortable homes for the next two months on summer break, after their chicken-shit failure to pass expanded Medicaid — largely due to their fear of Tea Party bullies threatening to run candidates against them.

As they are playing a round of golf with their corporate sponsors, we can be relatively certain their brows will remain unfurrowed by the following reports:

The Annie E. Casey Foundation just released their annual Kids Count report, and Michigan’s kids continue to live in poverty. Approximately 25 percent of the state’s children live in households below the poverty level — that’s $22,811 for a family of four in Michigan.

The state’s overall ranking was 31st nationwide, with Michigan’s children faring the poorest among all Great Lakes States. The state came in 36th in the child economic security index, with 35 percent of families lacking employment security.

Michigan does do better than many states in providing healthcare insurance to children living in poverty — only 4 percent of the state’s children go without, versus the national average of 7 percent. Yet, the urgency for expanded Medicaid remains critical to the well-being of low income families. Gilda Z. Jacobs of the Michigan League for Public Policy, said this of the failure of lawmakers to reach an agreement to expand Medicaid:

“Healthy adults have a huge impact on healthy kids. There’s a pretty good correlation between being able to provide for your family and being healthy. What happened last week [with Medicaid] was a travesty.”

Science Daily reports that a new JAMA study on the health demographics of those that would be eligible under expanded medicaid found the following:

Compared with adults already enrolled in Medicaid, low-income uninsured adults who may be eligible for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act were less likely to have chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia, although those with 1 of these conditions were less likely to be aware they had it or to have the disease controlled.

BUT, where life-threatening conditions do exist, they are not having them treated:

Although the uninsured adults were less likely than those enrolled in Medicaid to have diabetes, hypertension, or hypercholesterolemia (30.1 percent compared with 38.6 percent), if they had 1 of these conditions, the conditions were more likely to be undiagnosed or uncontrolled. An estimated 80.1 percent of the uninsured adults with 1 or more of these 3 conditions had at least 1 uncontrolled condition, compared with 63.4 percent of those enrolled in Medicaid.

Yes, GOP lawmakers would rather poor people die than have to run against someone in their district. Democracy Tree can think of a place to shove their nine irons.

Amy Kerr Hardin



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  1. Joseph Frato says:

    You get the Government you vote for…hard to believe in a Democratic state like Michigan that baggers have taken over….speaks volumes about the state of education in our state…or lack of it….enjoy Michigan…the damage these hypocrites are doing will take generations to fix. So while these zealots are busting unions ,making sure people have no health insurance, and denying a women a right to make her own decisions…just how many “JOBS” have these idiots added to the state…Yeah…I thought so……The ship of fools sails on….

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