Michigan: Today’s News That You Need to Know

More GOP shenanigans to report:

imagesCA3FJYVPIt’s been a busy news day for ballot initiatives in Michigan…throw in a little legislative hypocrisy, and we’ve got fun, fun, fun — if you are a Republican, that is…

First, the Wolf Hunt Referendum that gathered over 250,000 signatures to put the question to popular vote finally earned their spot on the 2014 ballot. However, the effort is now reduced to a hollow victory and the vote will be little more than a pro forma exercise after the recent legislative end-run that enabled wolf hunting to proceed against the wishes of most Michiganders. Bottom line: 43 wolves will die for sport in the Upper Peninsula this year.

Also today, the Board of State Canvassers approved the language of the ballot proposal that would require individuals and employers to purchase a special rider policy for abortions under the Affordable Care Act. The language of the petition specifies that even in the case of rape or incest the policy is required. Gov. Snyder recently vetoed a bill with similar language. The approval process has no political component — the Board of Canvassers merely looks for clarity and accuracy — a bureaucratic “spell check” if you will. Yet still, another bad day for women’s reproductive rights in Michigan.

Saving the best for last….

Democracy Tree is always on the look-out for hypocrisy in governance, and today did not disappoint! A couple of weeks ago, we reported that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Public Act 53 of 2012 which prohibits the automatic deduction of union dues from teachers checks even if they agree to it. Well, today State Sen. Arlan Meekhof (R-30) was joined across the aisle by Sen. Rebekah Warren (D-18) in sponsoring SB 283 which makes it easier for employers to automatically deduct political contributions to PACs and 401(c)(4)s from payroll. The bill amends Public Act 388 of 1976 which required annual written confirmation from employees to allow the deduction.

Amy Kerr Hardin

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3 Responses to Michigan: Today’s News That You Need to Know

  1. Betty Kennedy says:

    As a former Michigander I’m totally appalled by the hypocrisy, anti-democracy and anti-woman tone of the michigan legislature – you couldn’t pay me to live in this state under these circumstances.

  2. Sad for MI says:

    I left MI for a job out of state but always planned to come back. The MI I knew was a great place to live. The MI that is since Synder and the GOP took over is an ugly, scary place where I could never live. It breaks my heart to see MI go down the toilet,and I am even sadder that I can not go home.

  3. Lorin Kummer says:

    We long time Michiganders began to watch Michigan decline when Gov. Engler took office. His Republican controlled government silently began to dismantle the very best that Michigan has to offer. Then when Gov. Granholm came in, we were forced to listen to the hypocrisy of blame, when all the dark schemes of the Engler era voted into place, came to fruition in her term and she was powerless to change anything with a Republican held government. And now Gov. Snyder is the henchman, axing away at the few wonderful things left. Fresh water will be a real battle ground in this coming climate challenged world. If they make Michigan a place where no one can vote to change things, they will eventually hold on to a resource man cannot live without, fresh water. They will also control the most beautiful inland coastline in the world. It is time to think hard Michiganders! Is this really the party we trust to take of the Michigan we love? Hard to watch the pillage and plunder of all we have worked so hard for, simply to line the pockest of a few who already have taken so much!

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