Right Michigan Slams MIGOP & “King Richardville”

Yep, they call him “King Richardville”.

The uber-conservative group, Right Michigan, blasted Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-17) for his attempt to make an end-run around the citizen-driven ballot initiative process. Richardville introduced SB-934 as a means to negate the efforts of the group, Raise Michigan, who are petitioning to put to the voters this Novemeber the question of raising the minimum wage. Raise Michigan’s ballot proposal would gradually increase the minimum wage in Michigan to $10.10 by 2017. The Richardville legislation would repeal the law which the ballot initiative is seeking to amend, and replace it with a ridiculous bump of only 75¢, to $8.15 per hour. Restaurant workers would be at $2.93, and minors at $6.93.

Right Michigan, who more typically provides a litany of nasty-grams about the scourge of all things to the left of the Kaiser, titled their May 13th post:

Right Mich Headline

It’s not often (possibly never) that Democracy Tree has agreed with any public policy positions out of Right Michigan. But hey, there’s always a first.

Here’s some more choice words they had for Richardville and his ilk:

Never mind that giving voters the final word is precisely what the framers of Michigan’s constitution had in mind when they established the ballot initiative process in the first place.

So Michigan Republicans have decided to short-circuit that process you know, the untidy one ordained in Michigan’s constitution in favor of closed caucus meetings where Republicans who control the Legislature can wire an outcome more palatable to their business buddies who contribute to their campaign coffers.

They go on to slam Richardville for his duplicity:

The arrogant disregard of Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville for the democratic process that the ballot initiative was designed to keep in check is evident in his statement.


“If it wasn’t a situation I felt was critical, I’d let the (ballot initiative) process go along as it is,” the Monroe Republican added. By his statement and views on this issue the peasant citizens of Michigan are under control by “King Richardville” and what they feel is best is irrelevant.

And then, the pièce de résistance:

The pattern is clear: If the electorate, we the citizens, is threatening to turn on those in power, change the rules. We have seen this time and again within Michigan’s Republican Party since they came into power in 2010.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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One Response to Right Michigan Slams MIGOP & “King Richardville”

  1. David G. Martin says:

    I really wonder why Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville and the Michigan Republican Party is so scared of letting the residents of Michigan go to the polls and vote on the issue of raising the state’s minimum wage. Why did they wait until there were enough signatures collected to put the matter on the ballot. Where was their concern for the wages of Michigan’s working people 5 months ago ? Could it be that they are possibly scared that if the question made it onto the ballot that voters would turn out in droves to vote on raising the minimum wage along with voting for a Governor and several Republican state House and Senate candidates that are up for reelection ?

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