Michigan Media Drunk With Campaign Cash

Don’t think for a moment that the candidate races are drinking-up all the dollars this November. In Michigan, there are six ballot proposals that have media outlets doing virtual keg stands swilling-up money like cheap beer.  

As reported by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, TV ads for the amendment proposals 2 through 6 have soaked-up $30 million in cool and refreshing cash from various interest groups.

Proposal 2, centered on collective bargaining rights, has lapped-up $13 million alone in dueling television spots. But proposals 3, 4 and 6 (respectively: environmental/energy policy, home health care collective bargaining rights, and international bridge and tunnel restrictions) are keeping pace with the reckless drunken spending on the airwaves.

What really leaves a bad taste here is that several of those amendment proposals probably shouldn’t be on the ballot as constitutional questions in the first place.

But hey, it’s politics — anything goes…

Amy Kerr Hardin

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