Snyder Puts the Smack-Down on Michigan Lawmakers

In a rare show of political spine, Governor Snyder admonished lawmakers to pull their collective heads out of their asses (my words — he was much more statesman like), and stop wasting time on gun laws, particularly those that won’t stand-up to a constitutional challenge.

Catering to a fringe demographic, conservative legislators are putting the constitution to a good old-fashioned witch drowning — trial by ordeal — with Senate Bill 63.  A proposed law that would exempt weapons manufactured in Michigan from federal gun regulations, and which lawmakers readily admit is unconstitutional. The “logic” behind the potential law goes likes this:

Lawmakers love their constitution so much (particularly the second amendment), that they are willing to violate it to protect it — a legislative honor killing meant to preserve the virtue of our foundational document.

Snyder’s warning to lawmakers is likely intended to give them a political “out” with the NRA. A lawmaker need only introduce or vote on legislation to get their A+ rating, and save their political hides. When the governor vetoed the guns-in-schools law last month, the legislators still received their extra credit points from the powerful gun lobby.

Michigan has the third largest number of licensed hunters in the nation — 750,000, who contribute $1.3 billion to the economy and generate $153 million in state revenues, but it is safe to say that the bulk of them are not interested in extreme legislation in the name of gun rights. A December 2012 Pew Research national poll indicates that 49 percent favor enhanced gun regulations, to 42 percent that want more second amendment protections. 

We can only hope that Snyder has the good sense to similarly jettison SB 63. Michigan doesn’t need to waste taxpayer dollars on a constitutional showdown when we’ve got roads and schools to fix.

Amy Kerr Hardin This article also appears in Voters Legislative Transparency Project

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10 Responses to Snyder Puts the Smack-Down on Michigan Lawmakers

  1. Victoria Post says:

    This won’t erase the mistrust we now have for the governor, but it’s a SMALL step toward earning our trust back. One smack down isn’t enough. If he wants to continue to earn out trust, he needs to put a stop to the talk of changing the presidential electoral college in our state.

  2. Linda Shepich says:

    Thank you Gov. Snyder. It is the fourth point since your election that I have agreed w you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the NRA spent as much $$$ and time on looking for a solution to our citizens being murdered as they on their selfish motives. May God help them all. No one is trying to take your hunting weapons. You are right governor, we have many more things to fix like finding ways for MI residents to make a living and educating our children — they are our future!

  3. christy says:

    @Victoria- Amen to that sistah!!!

  4. Scott Henley says:

    Snyder needs to do HIS own job and look in the mirror…. The only problem is that he cannot look in the mirror, unless he has one up his ass, which is where his head is and always has been…. Hey “Dick” Pull your head out of your ass and try to do something good with the little time you have left in your job there in Lansing….

  5. Ray Houthuysen says:

    Our Govenor seems conflicted about how he feels on gun rights. He vetoed a Bill in December which would have closed a loophole re Schools. If he had signed, you would not be able to Open Carry in a School Zone. You would need to be licensed , trainined and qualified for a CPL.

    I support everyone’s innate right to self preservation. I support the Supreme Court’s Miller decision and 2008 Heller decision. The 2A isn’t about hunting ducks or bucks.
    Let’s stop with “solutions” which have proven to be failures. The 1994 AWB did not prevent Columbine. Connecticut’s AWB did not prevent Sandy Hook. Sport Rifles kill fewer childeren than clubs and bats. Your Doctor is more likely to kill you with malpractice. Enough with the feel good failed solutions.

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