Michigan Lawmakers Offer Huge Kick-Backs

imagesCAZWFKKCYesterday we reported that Michigan education Superintendent Mike Flanagan was working the media hard pushing for the authority to dissolve small school districts teetering on the fiscal brink and to transfer their students to a “receiving” school district nearby — which could be a charter, or could be a cyber-charter hybrid, who knows? He was lobbying for the passage of companion bills HB 4797 and HB 4798 which would bestow vast powers on his office to eliminate home rule in school districts. Under this scheme, the state could simply starve a district of revenues, declare it insolvent, then dissolve it.

Flanagan also paid a visit yesterday to the legislature to report that Michigan currently has 55 school districts operating at a significant budgetary deficit. Although ten of those are expected to dodge the bullet, his report ignored those districts whose projected budgets are seeing red, as Traverse City Public Schools reported recently. Of the approximately 800 districts statewide, many more than 55 are biting the same nails that they’re barely hanging-on with.

A new bill was introduced in the House today to clean-up some details left out of the previous two. Among the minutiae of HB 4813, amending section 12 of The Revised School Code, we find §7(A)&(B), in which lawmakers included an enticing little kick-back incentive to sweeten the pot for the “receiving” school district. While the legislature has mercilessly left most districts fighting each other over financial scraps of less than fifty additional dollars per pupil in foundation grants, this new law would offer a 10 percent bonus to a “receiving” school district. That sum translates into a minimum of $700 per pupil, and could in some cases nearly double the bonus. That’s a whole lotta scratch for a state that claims to be utterly skint.   

Let’s stop right here and ask the obvious: Why not just give that money to the distressed school districts?

We’re listening….

Amy Kerr Hardin


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5 Responses to Michigan Lawmakers Offer Huge Kick-Backs

  1. daniel sobol says:

    I am hoping that when the trial begins I will be in the audience to laugh!

  2. cynthia wiegand says:

    Cant wait to vote out every flippin republican. They are out to destroy lower and middle class citizens and destroy public education across the state. The ‘right to work for less’ party of ‘no’ to what citizens want is hard at work folks, vote them all out.

  3. Valerie says:

    Wow and I have a friend who’s mother is upset she plans on home schooling
    I think it’s her kids and most kids best chance.
    Sadly not all parents are equipped to do it.
    This is just a way to make children and the poor suffer more.
    It’s Snyders anthem
    Elect me I’ll inflict suffering on the children and the poor.

  4. Ann Cariano-Acker says:

    So distressed to hear what is happening to our public education. Republicans should be ashamed but it just continues….2014 may be too late to create the changes for our kids!

  5. Charter schools are valuable for some of the children, however they do not work for all children…. Most of the children still attend public schools, so Michigan lawmakers should be focusing on improving not starving the public schools… Small school districts (schools with lesser number of children) have been very resourceful with the meager amount of money they receive from the State.. these schools leaders should be instructing the largest districts how to meet monetary demands as well as give a good education.. The State of MI, its reps and governor are boldly now trying and in many cases exceding in attaining the annihilation of public education… They do NOT represent the people of MI, only the richest capitalists whose goal is to continue to widen the divide between the elite rich and the rest of us… Stop them now and remove them at the next election!!

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