Michigan GOP Wants to Name Governor’s Office after Engler

What would you choose to name in honor of former Michigan Governor John Engler?

dumpHow about the I-75 off-ramp to Flushing, Michigan? Maybe a municipal dump? Or perhaps, more appropriately, a private dump?– afterall Engler is the father of the privatization movement in Michigan. Maybe he should be crowned after the era that marks him as the father of the economic downfall of a once great state — a demise that predates (and seems to outlive) the national and global crash by years.

GOP House Rep. Pete Lund (R-36) wants to name the governor’s office in the Michigan Capitol after the bungling idiot who is Michigan’s equivalent to George W. Bush. You may recall, it was Engler’s endorsement of Bush that helped secure him the 2000 nomination, and subsequently put the Michigan governor on the short list for possible presidential running mates. Enlger’s lieutenant governor was Dick Posthumus, daddy to the most inexperienced and easily bought House Education Chairperson in the history of the state — Lisa Posthumus-Lyons.

The Associated Press reports:

Republican Rep. Pete Lund of Macomb County’s Shelby Township said Wednesday that naming the office for Engler is appropriate because what Engler did to change the direction of Michigan “was incredible and cannot be overstated.”

Yup, it was “incredible” alright, if he meant bad, and that certainly cannot be overstated — at least he got that right.

Lund claims to have been inspired by when legislators voted to name a walkway between the Capitol and the Hall of Justice after Democratic Attorney General Frank Kelley.

Democracy Tree has a special name for all of these guys. Any guesses?

Amy Kerr Hardin



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8 Responses to Michigan GOP Wants to Name Governor’s Office after Engler

  1. Jude says:

    Governor Engler was THE WORST

    • Jude says:

      (I cut myself off) …governor we have EVER had. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why people don’t get this! Please! Do not name ANYTHING after him.

      • JODI says:

        I would not name a violent bowel movement after that p.o.s. His love and befriending of the insurance industry ruined my life.

  2. viki smith says:

    what on earth for?!? waste monies we cannot afford on more political garbage?!? Judas Maude!

  3. Vickie says:

    How about a piece of sidewalk and a curb as true salute to Engler for the closing of Detroit’s Lafayette Clinic in 1992, forcing mentally ill patients onto the streets in the wee hours of the night as he campaigned in Grand Rapids, across the state far away from the outcomes of his horrific actions.

  4. shane says:

    My mama always told me if I did not have anything nice to say Don’t say anything at all! So I wont say what I would love to call them.

  5. BBobmi says:

    I can think of no more fitting tribute to John Engler than to name one of the now-closed prisons after him. He declared the teacher’s pension fund to be over funded and siphoned off money to build new prisons all over Michigan. Now many are closed.

  6. Lois Payette says:

    Engler began the destruction of the Educational system in Michigan! Mr. Snyder is finishing it!

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