Michigan Bill Would Prevent Job Seekers From Knowing They are Scabs

This week, Rep. Amanda Price (R-89) introduced House Bill 4630, co-sponsored by Rep. Gary Glenn (R-98). The proposal is to amend Public Act 150 of 1962 which laid-down employer rules for dealing with replacement workers during a labor dispute, commonly known as “scabs.” Price’s amendment would eliminate the portion of the law that requires employers to inform applicants for replacement work that they would be, well…replacement workers.

strike 2

It’s something you’d think any earnest person would want to know before making their employment decision. After all, who would want to cross a picket line on their first day of work?

If this all sounds familiar, Democracy Tree reported when Price introduced identical legislation back in 2013. That bill passed in the House, was reported favorably out of the Senate Committee on Reforms, Restructuring, and Reinventing in early 2014, but failed on the Senate floor. The current body of lawmakers is even more conservative than the 2013 GOP dominated legislature, giving this retrograde legislation a more favorable consideration the second time around.

The language of both bills is identical. The Senate Fiscal Agency described it this way, back in 2014:


The bill would repeal a section of Public Act 150 of 1962 that prohibits employers from recruiting or advertising for employees to replace striking workers, without notifying potential employees that the employment is offered to replace employees involved in a strike.

Public Act 150 of 1962 governs solicitations for employment. Section 3a prohibits a person, partnership, agency, firm, or corporation, or its agent, from recruiting, soliciting, or advertising for employees, or referring people to employment, in place of employees involved in a lawful strike or lockout, without adequate notice to the person and in the advertisement, that there is a strike or lockout at the place where employment is offered and the employment offered is in place of employees involved in the strike or lockout. The bill would repeal Section 3a.

Another attack on organized labor — we are not surprised, nor amused.

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4 Responses to Michigan Bill Would Prevent Job Seekers From Knowing They are Scabs

  1. Gordon Ashton says:

    Just more union busting, and the wealthy owners and stockholders getting to get richer. Do not change the laws to hurt union workers anymore.

  2. Michael says:

    I hate any law that forces people to say words. I am totally in favor of negative injunctions such as don’t hit people, don’t kill people, don’t rob from people, don’t abuse people.

    But affirmative injunctions (you must DO THIS) should always be regarded with suspicion. The affirmative injunction that someone must tell an applicant that he is replacing a person who quit his employment is utterly pernicious and should be abolished. This column is anti-freedom. Anti-liberty.

  3. michael greathouse says:

    The right to strike is set under the conditions of the NLRB. Wild cat strikes aside, when a worker goes on strike, he is ceasing work due to bargaining in bad faith issues and is not ceasing employment. A scab is a scab, and to hire people under false pretext is dishonest and further indicts the actions of an unscrupulous employer.

  4. William says:

    I feel most people would like to know that they might be contributing to the lowering of wages by becoming a scab. Also, there is a real possibility that by unwittingly accepting scab employment, the new employee could face harassment, intimidation, and threats of and/or acts of violence.

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