Mad Ravings of a Michigan Tea Party Lawmaker

black helicopterRep. Greg MacMaster (R-105), former TV weatherman and Tea Party stooge, has been busy tweaking his paranoid House Resolution in hopes his fellow lawmakers will develop a quick case of the willies and pass it before the Summer break.

Last week, MacMaster introduced HR 179, a resolution urging Michigan to reject United Nations Agenda 21, claiming it was some kind of world domination plot to take away his house and car, and destroy all that is his vision of the American way of life. His resolution got the bum’s rush off to committee, just like the bill he had pushed for last year on the same subject — which, had it been enacted, would have outright banned concepts like sustainability, poverty reduction, and community building activities in local units of government.

Today, he re-introduced the resolution, HR 186 (new number, same bullshit), in a slimmed-down form with much of the more obnoxious superlative-laced rhetoric removed.

Yes, his rewrite is a veritable shimmering haiku compared to the earlier version, with the following passages struck from the new resolution altogether:

The influence of the ICLEI [International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives] has now infiltrated approximately 500 local and regional entities in the United States, including five communities in Michigan.

[Agenda 21]  views the American way of life of private property ownership, single family homes, private car ownership, individual travel choices, and privately owned farms as destructive to the environment.

Furthermore, membership into the United Nations by any local community or local unit of government is unconstitutional. Fifty-four local and regional entities withdrew from the ICLEI enrollment in 2011 due to the negative consequences experienced through implementation of Agenda 21. 

And here’s some of the phrases that also got the axe:

“…destructive to the founding principles of the United States” was changed to “impact to the principles…”

“…a comprehensive plan of environmental social engineering” was cut.

“Agenda 21 is being covertly pushed” was changed to “being introduced”.

Words like “undermines” and “destructiveness” were changed to “disrupts” and “impact”.

You’d think with all that verbiage removed or watered-down, the resolution would somehow appear not to be the mad ravings of a Tea Partier whose tricorn hat is too tight….No wait, it still does…

Amy Kerr Hardin

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  1. Joanne says:

    Sounds like someone ready for retirement. He’s a travisty, complete waste of tax-payers hard earned dollars. Say goodnight!

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