Lyons Flunked the Test and Went Heather on a Fellow Lawmaker

Here at Democracy Tree we readily admit to spending some extracurricular time criticizing Rep. Lisa Posthumus-Lyons (R-86), chair of the Michigan House Education Committee. But, it’s an effort well deserved on the part of the far-right lawmaker.

She’s called hard-working teachers “pigs” and “hogs”, and now, in a show of her lack of statesmanship and decorum, is picking on a colleague.

Two weeks ago, we gave her new scheme to revamp the system for evaluating Michigan’s public schools a grade of “F”. It seems her ideas similarly didn’t make the grade with the State Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Schools — an opinion echoed by scholarly researchers who independently found the GOP lawmaker’s proposed letter grading plan inferior to Michigan’s relatively new current system.

In a joint statement, Superintendent Mike Flanagan and the entire board came out against the Lyons legislation. As reported by MLive, the Department of Education Deputy Superintendent for Accountability Services, Joseph Martineau, said this of the Lyons A-F grading scheme:

“It creates all kinds of turmoil in the schools that we would really rather not see.”

Research teams at the University of Southern California and North Carolina State University published a report praising key aspects of Michigan’s current system that measure a broader range of factors than the Lyons plan suggests, naming Michigan and Massachusetts as among the best, and condemning other states with A-F schemes:

“While A-to-F systems are, on the surface, transparent, the underlying design of these systems involves a great deal of arbitrariness that makes it difficult for educators and parents to understand performance.”

lyons hunting

Is Lyons crying in her soup?

Nope — In a full-on Palin-inspired act of hubris, she’s been busy using the Republican House website (not the official state site) to bitch-slap Michigan Senator Rebekah Warren (D-18) over her objection to lawmakers taking a hunting season break. Lyons, joined by Rep. Andrea LaFontaine (R-32), went all-out meangirl sarah palin hunt 001[1]with their taunt — with photos showing them proudly posing in front of the downed game, and “inviting” the Senator to go hunting with them.

A resemblance to a certain other Tea Party Heather is most striking. And the similarities don’t stop with trophy shots.→ →

Here’s the full “invitation”:


Watch for our upcoming profile of the Democratic challenger to Lyons — a former school teacher, with nearly three decades of classroom experience, and four terms as an Ionia County Commissioner, Lynn Mason. She’s not afraid of Lyons.

Amy Kerr Hardin

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