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Democracy Tree is pleased to announce the inaugural edition of a new podcast series on the topic of Michigan politics, which we’ve named “Michigan Policast“. It’s a joint venture, with veteran political junkies and policy wonks — Walt Sorg, Christine Barry, and myself, along with a variety of guests. Each show will round-up what’s in the news, behind the scenes, and what it all means for Michiganders — with a liberal amount of commentary.

Meet our illustrious emcee. Walt has held senior appointive positions in all threeWalt Sorg branches of state government, including a stint as chief spokesperson for the Blanchard administration economic development program. A poly-sci geek since his years at MSU, he’s a self-described “guy who has been following politics, especially state government, for his entire life”. He’s also hosted a progressive radio program in Lansing for four years. Walt blogs on Facebook as “CitizenSorg”.

Christine BarryChristine is a pioneer of Michigan political blogging. She launched Blogging for Michigan (BFM) in 2007, which was so well-read by Michigan leaders that within months, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop briefly blocked lawmaker access to her blog — sparking a statewide media firestorm on First Amendment issues. Christine is passionate about all-things political, and after honing her podcasting skills at BFM, this new venture is Christine’s latest brain child.

As a former political campaign manager, politics was already in my blood. Amy Kerr HardinDemocracy Tree was launched in early 2012, with one of its first posts breaking the story of how lawmakers had cleverly hidden, through intentionally opaque language, a requirement for abortion seekers to have an invasive transvaginal ultrasound. That day I realized the power of the written word, and the importance of citizen watchdog journalism. The bill did not pass, but Democracy Tree has since thrived.

Click HERE to listen to our latest show, which covers the following topics:


Career politicians


Join the discussion by commenting on the new Michigan Policast website and our facebook page. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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