New Initiative to Repeal RTW in Michigan

Right-to-Work News Alert:

Michigan Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood has launchedRepeal Right-to-Work website. On it you will find a petition and a countdown clock. Hopgood has already introduced two bills to repeal the law. He wants the people to have “a voice this time around”.

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Amy Kerr Hardin

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13 Responses to New Initiative to Repeal RTW in Michigan

  1. I believe what the Repbulicans did was or should have been illegal…they slammed through that bill without time for debate and input from the residents of MI.

  2. Donna berger says:

    We need to repeal this law ! Now! Why?! Because we r not a right to work community and you can all be replaced!

  3. terry cowger says:

    everyone in Michigan needs to sign this !! I also think than the other democratic Senators an Legislators need to be more involved with this and help repeal this

  4. Thomas Medland says:

    I was in Lansing with 12,000 other workers the day the Gov signed this obscenity. Repeal this law and save Michigan’s middle class

  5. dale says:

    this looks just like in this wrong on so many levels you must be overturned to babe the great state of Michigan and the people who call it home

  6. Daniel Reed says:

    Rescind RTW

  7. Stephen says:

    I am ready to donate time, finances, and, any other kind of support that is asked of me, to remove the politicians who voted for Right to Work from office. I’m also ready to remove the politicians who uphold this garbage!

  8. Donna R Berger says:

    This law needs to be repealed!! ASAP!

  9. Terri Bennett says:

    Repeal the Right to Work. That is not what Michigan is about.

  10. dick reynolds says:

    every republican legislator that voted on this fiasco has a buisness that they own or thier family owns. we should boycott any buisness that they are affiliated with.they dont care about the middle class why should we care about them.

  11. Maura says:

    This governor and Republican Senate are a disgrace! They are horrible for Michigan.
    We need to get rid of this governor and try a recall again!!

    Repeal this law and save Michigan’s middle class.

  12. Alfred says:

    If the “right” to work law is such a blessing and such a “basic RIGHT” ……
    Why are our “HEROES” the police and firemen being DENIED EQUALITY and the
    bountiful BLESSINGS of the same RIGHT to WORK that is being “bestowed” upon the COMMON man?! Everyone should be DEMANDING that police and firemen be included under this “RIGHT” to work cornucopia of blessings.
    The same shall apply to any State Workers who are not included.
    THAT is called EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW … FAILURE to include police and firemen tells me that “right” to work is a LIE.
    The RICH have UNIONS. Very strong UNIONS. They are called fraternities, country clubs. They are very carefully screened and vetted and any variance from the best interests of the Rich are expelled, ostracized, shunned. They have “Think Tanks” and Foundations that work for their interests and protection.

    If lower taxes create prosperity and happiness, why are the 1% not living in the lowest property tax areas? Why do the Well-to-do chose to live in Beverly Hills, or Ann Arbor, when Watts and Detroit have so many vacancies? Taxes are the price of CIVILIZATION, and people wonder why America is backsliding into savagery.

  13. Patricia says:

    I wish this dictator would be recalled!!!!

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