Gov. Snyder — Sly or Just Plain Stupid on Refugee Question?

Following is an infographic from the White House outlining the rigorous (9-part) screening process for refugees. If the Republican governors who wish to block refugee resettlement knew about this, they are guilty of intentionally misleading the public. If they were ignorant of the process, then their administrations are woefully incompetent to enjoin such a major public policy decision while lacking vital (and easily obtained) information. One or the other.

From the White House:

step 1

Step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

step 7

step 8

step 9

While nothing is risk free, this certainly should reassure those supposedly skittish governors. It’s also worth asking, given the ready availability of this information, why did they jump to such wild conclusions if not for pure political theater?

DSCN0444Amy Kerr Hardin

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