Gov. Snyder Shows His Moral Hypocrisy, er…Outrage

imagesCAZAJ09FMichigan House Speaker Jase Bolger had a rough week in the media, but few could argue that he didn’t have it coming. The deluge of bad legislation that’s occurred under his leadership has inflamed Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans alike.

It was high time for a public dressing-down of the man…

  • Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, a Republican, called Bolger “Adolf Bolger” in a Michigan Public Radio interview last Friday.
  • House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel announced he would not “negotiate with terrorists” referring to House Republicans, in the wake of Bolger suspending House Democrats from various Committees in an open act of vengeance against Greimel.
  • The Detroit Free Press excoriated Bolger over his poor leadership and strict Tea Party agenda.

There’s more than a little ironic humor in the resulting political exchange though.

The situation reached a comic level not because Bolger was likened to Hitler and a terrorist, but because Republicans were clutching their pearls and crying foul over the slurs. Seriously? Have they not heard themselves over the past four-plus years? Where has their moral outrage been?

More irony? Indeed, read on….

Governor Snyder felt it was time for him to step-in and call for some “civility”. He is quoted in MLive saying the following:

“Personal attacks and remarks that aren’t constructive or respectful of others only divert attention from the ultimate goal, which is serving the 10 million people of the state of Michigan. Michigan can show the rest of the country how to restore respect and civility to the political process. All it takes is a commitment from each and every public official in the state to be a true leader and follow the rules of respect and civility at all times.”

Really Rick, is that what you’re saying? Where was the outrage and call for civility when former lawmaker Rep. Dave Agema made all those homophobic hateful remarks?


Gov. Snyder, Michigan’s Great Equivocator, said that he’s “not going to get in the middle of all that” when asked whether Agema should resign from his post as Michigan’s representative to the Republican National Committee in the wake of his bigoted homophobic Facebook page post: “Everyone Should Know These Statistics on Homosexuals”.

We don’t dare ask the governor his opinion on the expanded grand jury inquiry into Bolger’s alleged masterminding of the election scandal in which 22 year-old Matt Mojzak was financially induced to run as a fake Democratic candidate against incumbent Democrat Rep. Roy Schmidt, who subsequently changed parties after his victory.

(again, crickets)

Amy Kerr Hardin

(This story was corrected 5-6-13, L. Brooks Patterson said “Adolf Bolger” , not “Adolf Hitler” as originally reported).

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5 Responses to Gov. Snyder Shows His Moral Hypocrisy, er…Outrage

  1. Anita says:

    Synder is upset of the not so kind words that was used and expect others to be nice when he pushes bills to be passed through for signing that the people that he represents turned down. Seriously is he blind or just playing dumb. What Synder did was much worse than being referred to as Hitler.

    Everyone Grow up if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it. If you don’t get your way then don’t use dirty tricks to get a bill passed when the people have spoken and didn’t pass it in the first place.

  2. how about their Idea on Democracy,I.E. when they raised pensioners taxes in early 2012 and put a rider on it stating that no referendum can be used to let Michigan citizens to overturn the new law til brochures were printed….there was never any money allotted for it…hence,no consensus to overturn the law…brilliant mr. Governerd..brilliant. You may know how to add sir,but your ideas on Democracy are atrocious, also to tye the hands of the DNR so that it prevents them from exercising their duties when it comes to Fracking and oil spills is a cowardly act. Shame on you…as if the subsidies paid out to big oil wasn’t enough,now the taxpayers have to foot that bill too,you need to stop ,really you do. Go home…and the scandelous way you treat the folk in Detroit,half of Michigans black voice was silenced…please go home…just go!

  3. Larry Gentry says:

    A head without a heart is not a human being! Such is the nerd and his clones! To all you that voted for him, those that might do so again because you are GOP, and especially for those who don’t bother to vote, the nerd really is counting on you, because the rest of us are NOT as stupid as he thinks!

  4. TERRY COWGER says:



  5. Denise says:

    “Personal attacks and remarks that aren’t constructive or respectful of others only divert attention from the ultimate goal, which is serving the 10 million people of the state of Michigan.”

    All Snyder is serving is an agenda – an agenda that kisses up to DeVos. He is NOT interested in serving the people of Michigan. He is interested in making budgets and shifting money away from people and towards his business friends. That’s it. That’s all he is. He is a numbers guy who could live in an empty room and be happy about it.

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