Gov. Christie Drops Freudian Tweet

Not that we should give this blustering buffoon any of our time, but here’s a deleted tweet from Gov. Christie just moments before his State of the State Address last night.

Christie delete tweet

Christie is in a horse race with other Repubs to vacuum-up all the early campaign dollars — a fact the even auto-correct seems to understand.

The New Jersey governor shut-out local media from his pre-speech informal presser, only allowing in national reporters. New reports:

National outlets invited to attend included The Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, ABC and NBC. New Jersey Advance Media and other New Jersey-based reporters, many of whom have offices on the second floor of the Statehouse, were not told about the meeting or given an explanation why they weren’t able to attend.

Asked after his State of the State address whether the decision to speak exclusively with national reporters was a sign he’s putting more attention on exposing himself to a national audience, Christie responded: “No.”

For anyone who buys that — there’s a bridge in New Jersey for sale. He didn’t fool anyone, and pissing-off the local media is playing with fire. Bloomberg referred to the speech as a “State of the State (And the Union) Address.

Christie’s speech failed to address the most basic New Jersey issues, leaving-out mention of the crisis in Atlantic City, Hurricane Sandy, the transportation funding emergency, and of course, Bridgegate. However, he did whine about being politically bullied by Democrats, telling the legislature he was the target of  “plenty of politics from some overly partisan corners of this chamber.”

Carrying that theme through to the national level, Christie did a little pre-emptive politicking with this:

“America’s leadership in the world is called into question because of a pattern of indecision and inconsistency. During this time of uncertainty, it seems our leaders in Washington would rather stoke division for their own political gain.”

This Jersey boy’s presidential bid is bound to provide plenty of material. Democracy Tree must learn to pace itself.

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  1. Randa Morris says:

    It’s Christie, big words might confuse him, but he never forgets what he stands for ($)

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