Alabama Congressman Mean-Tweets FLOTUS Over School Lunch Program

FLOTUS Winning the Food Fight 

(read below the fold for an interesting post script on censorship of this article)

Congressman Robert Aderholt (R-Alabama) co-chaired the 2015 National Prayer Breakfast late last week. An event that has since inflamed the delicate sensibilities of righteous Christians who apparently snoozed their way through World History 101, leaving them completely ignorant of the not so pleasant details of the Crusades and Inquisition. (Must have been the junk food in their school lunch.)

Flotus Potus 1

Speaking at the event, Aderholt explained that, as a devote Christian, he and his fellow House colleagues gather weekly to celebrate their faith in a completely non-partisan manner. His words:

“We come together once a week, not promoting a party. We’re not promoting a particular issue or particular agenda. I’m a Republican from Alabama, Juan is a Democrat from California, but we come together that one hour during the week, to promote Jesus.”

So, why then did the self-described Jesus-loving congressman mean-tweet the First Lady, along with her significant other, over their appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast?

No, not over the President’s mention of Christianity’s bloody history.

It was in response to this sarcastic tweet from the CEO of right-wing Yellowhammer News, conservative Cliff Sims:

Aderholt :Sims 1

The First Couple maintained an appropriately reverent aspect about their demeanor during the entirety of the somber event. Yet, the Jesus-loving, non-partisan, Christian lawmaker from Alabama took a break from being a Jesus-loving, non-partisan, Christian to mock them with this tweet:

aderholt:sims 2With the cat-like reflexes of a politician up for re-election, it took Aderholt a mere 39 seconds to delete the indiscrete tweet, apparently realizing he wasn’t being a Jesus-loving, non-partisan kind of guy after all. Alas, nothing really gets lost in the vast series of tubes the GOP knows as the internet.

Okay, so we get the hashtags DHS and DontShutDownOurSecurity — the lawmaker clearly meant them as a taunt over the Republican scheme to hold hostage homeland security funding as payback for the President’s executive order on immigration. Very mature of them. But, what’s up with the jab at #SchoolLunch?

Rep. Aderholt does not care for the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, and its “Smart Snacks in School” provision, which gave the USDA broad authority over school lunch programs. He believes this is just another costly regulatory burden intended to strip school districts of local control. Citing a decrease in student participation in the program, he’s calling for a return to the days of offering some of the less expensive, and less healthful, highly processed junk food items on the menu.

Judging from his press release on the topic, he should consider spending a little more time back in school himself:

“Less kids are buying school lunches and that undermines the intention to increase healthy eating in schools.”

The USDA has been willing to tweak the program offering some flexibility in their compliance guidelines and implementation timetables, but that’s not enough for Aderholt, who wants to extend waivers to districts with budget constraints causing difficulties in affording the more nutritious meals, i.e. poorer under-funded schools located in communities that are frequently found in food deserts. A 2010 Gallup study found that poverty was the primary factor in adulthood obesity, with a lack of healthful food choices being a contributing factor.

Michelle Obama, a passionate champion of nutrition and exercise programs, has made it clear she won’t back down in the ongoing struggle with GOP lawmakers. She wants to break the obesity/diabetes cycle that’s become a national crisis of proportions much more costly than providing decent school lunches in the first place.

Sorry boys, FLOTUS will win this food fight — she’s got laser beam eyes.

DSCN0444Amy Kerr Hardin


This post was banned from Badass Teachers Association.

Their Facebook page admin, Terry Kalb, expressed concern that it was too partisan for their tender sensibilities — even though, in keeping with the spirit of the “badass” group’s mission, the entirety of the article expressed an obvious disdain for partisan behavior, along with the gross economic inequality present in our nations’s public schools, negatively impacting our education policy. Apparently, pointing-out Republican culpability was not to Kalb’s liking (we would hate to think it had anything to do with her religious views):


Democracy Tree’s response:


Upon suggesting the admin re-review the BAT’s mission statement, she responded with the explanation that…

“sorry you feel that way, if the piece was about Mrs. Obama’s school lunches, and not partisan slam, would be ok. Too many DEMs are responsible for destroying our schools too”

Badass Teacher’s Association lists a number of sources they profess to be representative of their short history of activism. Among them is one which Democracy Tree greatly admires, and has known the privilege of being being cited on occasionally — Diane Ravitch’s blog.

Known for her no-holds-barred forthright speech on the subject of politics and education policy — Ravitch’s blog has entertained these recent headlines, politics be damned, (yet, hopefully redacted from the delicate readers at BATS):

BATS Sample Ravitch blog

BATS Ravitch 2BATS Ravitch 3Apparently Kalb feels that the adult members of the page she admins can’t handle the truth, or the slightest bit of controversy. Poor dears! Her experience speaks for itself, she’s been filtering their news feed for ages…

“I have been admin for 20 months- we know which ones will drag us down and which move us forward.”

Wow. Twenty months, I have foodstuffs in my fridge older than that.


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