Emergency Manager Roundup

cowboyAnother busy week for Michigan’s Emergency Managers. Never a dull day under Gov. Snyder’s sprawling despotic empire!

This morning Wayne County Judge Marvin Stempien refused to throw out an ACLU lawsuit against the state of Michigan and the Emergency Manager of Highland Park Schools. The suit claims the state is violating a law that requires schools to provide additional assistance to students who are not reading at grade level. They seek special instruction for more than 70 percent of fourth and seventh grade students who are falling behind under the cruel budget cuts of emergency management. The Snyder administration claims they are immune to liability.

Earlier in the week, the City of Hamtramck got its new supreme leader. Gov. Snyder appointed Pontiac City Administrator Cathy Square to run Hamtramck. Square worked under Lou Schimmel, Pontiac’s Emergency Manager, and she plans to model her reign of Hamtramck after his example. Schimmel dissolved Pontiac’s police and fire departments, and Square is looking at doing the same for Hamtramck. History buffs may recall that Hamtramck previously had an Emergency Financial Manager — Lou Schimmel. It’s nice when they keep it all in the family. Very House of Hapsburg-y of them.

And in that spirit of keeping it all in the family, Michael Brown will be making an encore appearence as Flint’s Emergency Manager. He will be replacing Ed Kurtz who was keeping Brown’s seat warm while he took a legal time-out during the transition from PA-72 to the new Emergency Manager law. Under the old law he was prohibited from serving due to a technicality, but after a good rest, he’s back and ready to continue selling assets and cutting services.

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2 Responses to Emergency Manager Roundup

  1. Larry Gentry says:

    Interesting on who she would consolidate their Police and Fire with. The City is surrounded by Detroit and Highland Park, both with worst problems? Then again, consolidating all three into one “new” Detroit would be in the nerds so called “business” mind! I am really upset over the lack of response to the Detroit takeover. Seems everyone must be happy! Detroit City Council are jumping ship, one to be an assistant to the EFM, with a hefty $150,000 a year pay raise. The EFM hires his handpicked Police Chief and then hires “another” consultant firm to study Police Deployment, at $500,000. The EFM announced this week that the Police Command Officer Contract will not be renewed, 80 have already left for greener pastures, 200 plus eligible to retire (but pensions on the line), and others looking for good jobs (not in Michigan, nerd has cut public safety funds to local communities). Bankruptcy Court is very likely, and it will effect other communities throughout Michigan, especially if they get the Courts to nullify the Michigan Constitution protection for public pensions. The nerd continues to destroy Michigan and we appear to have gone silent?????

  2. Joy Smith says:

    Too many distractions, we have. If it’s not the thrill of summer and being wealthy enough to enjoy life, it’s a battle of one kind or another: fracking, the TPP partnership, toxic pollutants. There is certainly an agenda to make our lives difficult so theirs can be better. Important, though, that we all get informed and push back, somewhere or other, even if it’s only to be more loving right where we are…

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