Ed Schultz — Boxcar Hobo on the Trump Train

Craven opportunist? Sour grapes? Angling for Spicer’s job? It’s true, Ed Schultz has become a rabid Trump apologist.

Ed Schultz

Schultz on a rant

Former MSNBC host, and multi-platform political commentator Ed Schultz, gone from conservative mouthpiece in his early years, to populist liberal television personality, has now morphed himself into a shrill Trumpet.

Schultz filled a variety of shoes during his 2009-15 stint at MSNBC. Six months after his cancellation there he found a new gig with RT America — News with Ed Schultz. RT America is a Russian-owned affiliate with a shallow bench of personalities. However, the media outlet has earned a depth of criticism for being a front for Russian propaganda.

Immediately following Trump’s train wreck presser this week, Schultz posted a vitriolic video to his Facebook page. We’d expect this level of lunacy from Rush Limbaugh (and he delivered too), but Ed’s gone round the bend, off the rails, and over the cliff with this epic apoplectic fit:

“…CNN has been reporting things that are unsubstantiated, that they are unprofessional, and that Jeff Zucker, the CEO, should be fired…

Now, whether you like Donald Trump or not, the man came out today at his press conference and he cleared the beach. He took it to ’em. He took it to ’em on fake news. He took it to ’em on the intelligence community. He took it to ’em on Russia. He has no deals with Russia, unless you have to clear some wax from your ears. And, all of you liberals are accusing me of being a big Trump fan. I am a fan of the truth.

And, I know that CNN is whoring-out breaking news, saying things about the administration that simply is not true. And, notice that they haven’t sourced any of their stories about the connection between the Russian intel people and the Trump campaign.”

Break out the Q-Tips folks. Vox.com reports that it’s true that Trump does not have any direct business ties with Russia, with this qualification:

“But that’s only part of the picture. He has partnered with Russian financiers on major projects elsewhere around the world. Russian investors have been instrumental in helping him cope with all the credit problems he has thanks to his serial bankruptcies. And a number of Trump’s former and current advisers have had financial ties to Russia.”

Vox found that Trump has been trying, and failing, for over three decades to cement a solid financial relationship with the evolving Russian aristocracy.

It appears Mr. Ed has tapped into that particular vein of presidential insecurity — and it’s paying off.

Ed likes

A quick perusal of Schultz’s Facebook likes and follows indicates that his sell-out seems to be working well for him. There was a noticeable uptick in his likes just as he embarked on his anti-CNN rant.  So yes, he’s clearly looking for employment opportunities with his new friend group.

He’s a shill. He’s a hack. And, in his own words — “whoring-out” his brand.

I unliked his page. Schultz has moved on, and his progressive friends should do so too.

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2 Responses to Ed Schultz — Boxcar Hobo on the Trump Train

  1. Brooke says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I never was that big a fan but I hate the finger to the wind crowd . I’ll steer clear of him.

  2. tudy taylor says:

    Ed Schultz has sold himself to the highest bidder. So sorry to hear this. I used to be a big admirer of his logical liberal self.

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