Democracy Tree Offers Michigan-related Resource and Media Library

UPDATE: Get all the newly added resources by going directly to the Democracy Tree Library — click HERE.

The depth of research behind Democracy Tree is significant, but that doesn’t mean it’s exclusive, nor inaccessible to the general public. It’s all out there if you know where to look, and we’re happy to help!

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So, for all you political junkies and policy wonks, here’s a short list of some great “go to” sites, including databases, think tanks, public policy groups, surveys, blogs, and a bit of progressive social media thrown-in for good measure. Available 24/7 and updated regularly, readers may access the library by clicking on the above “Resource and Media Library” in the header, or jump in right now with its content posted below.

(NOTE: This library will include some Republican sites and sources, as they are also necessary to reach informed conclusions and make sound arguments.)


Research and Survey Groups, Public Policy Think Tanks, Media

Searchable Databases

Government Resources and Public Databases – Michigan


Blogs and Commentaries

Social Media Groups, Pages, and Communities

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2 Responses to Democracy Tree Offers Michigan-related Resource and Media Library

  1. Chris Savage says:

    Nice collection. Well done!

  2. Melba Baldwin says:

    Great resources (all in one place). I love it! Thanks.

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