BREAKING: House Subcommittee Attacks Universities Over RTW

imagesCAKPUOLRToday the Michigan House Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee passed a bill that will punish any university that negotiates with its union for an extended contract prior to the Right-to-Work law going into effect on March 28th. If this bill becomes law, universities stand to lose 15 percent of their funding for any contract negotiated between the Dec. 10th lame-duck RTW law and the March 28th enactment.

The Associated Press reports that Wayne State University could lose $27 million if they follow through with renegotiating their contract. Among universities rumored to be in contract talks are Michigan State University, Lansing Community College, and Western Michigan University.

Democratic House Leader Tim Griemel referred to these threats as “McCarthyism-like tactics”. Chair of the subcommittee, Republican Rep. Al Pscholka, father of the 2011 Emergency Manager law, said “I’m more interested in protecting the interest of students, parents and taxpayers than special interest groups”.

Sure Al, sure…

Amy Kerr Hardin This article also appears in Voters Legislative Transparency Project

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One Response to BREAKING: House Subcommittee Attacks Universities Over RTW

  1. Karyn Stetz says:

    In order to keep Michigan’s universities among the top in the nation, they need to be able to hire the best possible professors and staff. To hire the best, wage negotiations are a necessity. Do not let some backwards Walmart inspired law like RTW ruin the opportunity for our youth to get quality education in their own state. Depriving them of that will create a mass exodus from Michigan of the young, the brilliant, and the inspired.

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