BREAKING: EAA Passes Michigan Senate

DSCF3494Well, they did it.

The Michigan Senate passed the Education Achievement Authority bill tonight. As is typical of these cowardly GOP lawmakers, they blasted HB-4369 out of the Senate Education Committee after it sat languishing there with virtually no discussion for eight solid months.

This form of anal-retentive Republican lawmaking in Michigan seems to come in painful episodic waves of explosive legislative diarrhea that occur mostly in mid-December, coincidently mere hours before they race for the exits, butt cheeks tightly clenched, to go home and schmooze it up at fundraisers with lobbyists and cronies.

Gov. Snyder is eagerly poised to sign this legislation into law from the cozy den of his comfortable home in his gated community. He has been a proponent of the EAA since its inception. The legislation returns to the House on Thursday, then on to the governor.

GOP lawmakers were in such a hurry today, they recommended the bill out of committee without so much as updating the committee reports page before ramming it through on the floor for a vote. This is hallmark of the slap-dash legislation Michigan has experienced under the Snyder administration.

Lawmakers are scheduled to wrap things up by this time tomorrow, and we can expect more legislative bowel movements before then. Their calendar allows for tentative sessions next week — not a likely occurrence though, because they’ll want to get the f#*k-outta Dodge as soon as they finish their annual shit-storm assault on democracy and civil rights.

Amy Kerr Hardin

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8 Responses to BREAKING: EAA Passes Michigan Senate

  1. Chuck Lockwood says:

    Did they take a role call vote? I would like to look up who voted for and against this bill.

  2. Vera Stafford says:

    The Republicans, including Snyder, are intent on destroying the middle class. They pass laws like the right to work law that lower the wages and benefits of middle class and the rich republicans keep getting richer!!!!

  3. Monica says:

    Not all Republicans are rich.

  4. Anti EM Bill says:

    I’m not sure the “destruction of the middle class” is the goal of the GOP. It is clearly a by-product of their activities however. They just wish to foist their moral code on to everyone. And they wish to make as much money as possible while they have the helm. I mean, come on, a political ruling party would never make their goal the downfall of their fellow citizens. We are all for one and one for all. Right? Right? What did Jefferson say? “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

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