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Taking Back Democracy — State by State

At Long Last — Putting an End to Gerrymandering  “For the party in control of the map-making, the main objective is to herd the opposing party’s voters into the fewest legislative districts possible while spreading its own party’s voters as … Continue reading

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Ed Schultz — Boxcar Hobo on the Trump Train

Craven opportunist? Sour grapes? Angling for Spicer’s job? It’s true, Ed Schultz has become a rabid Trump apologist. Former MSNBC host, and multi-platform political commentator Ed Schultz, gone from conservative mouthpiece in his early years, to populist liberal television personality, … Continue reading

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Yes, The Russians Can Hack an American Election

“So, when you’re talking about an advanced attacker, like a nation-state, unfortunately mere disconnection of the voting machines themselves from the internet isn’t enough to stop them.” — J. Alex Halderman, expert on election security, on the oft-repeated myth that … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM: Jan. 20th – “Unfriend” the White House Facebook Page

The Obama Administration will be handing-over the keys to the White House Facebook page — don’t let Trump blowup your newsfeed with his childish rants.  Just over 8 million devoted citizens — myself among them, have had the pleasure of following … Continue reading

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Trump’s Army of Deplorable Flying Monkeys

“I’m getting threats and everything else from some of his supporters. I’m getting them all day long — now they’re kicked up a notch.” —  Chuck Jones on being attacked by Trump. Among those millions of gormless voters who opted … Continue reading

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A No Confidence Vote on Trump

Do you live in a state, city, town, or village where voters rejected Trump? If so, please urge your state and/or local leaders to entertain a resolution expressing no confidence in Donald J. Trump and in the process which led … Continue reading

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Pence: King of Corporate Tax Subsidies

Trump would have America believe that he and Gov. Pence are wizardlike job-saving innovators with their $7 million tax bargain with United Technologies to save about 1,000 Carrier Corp. jobs — at a cost of $7,000 per job over ten … Continue reading

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Trumpism: You Can’t Fix Stupid, But You Can Call it Out

Trump voters, while not an entirely monolithic group, do share certain commonalities — among them are an acceptance of racism, hatred, xenophobia, sexism, misogyny, among a host of other deplorable traits. Additionally, it can be argued that this basket of … Continue reading

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See All of Trump’s Deleted Mean-Tweets

President-elect Trump appears to have no more self-control than candidate Trump. This orange cat just can’t manage to change his spots. Legal questions about maintaining presidential records were raised when he deleted a Tweet critical of the cast of Hamilton … Continue reading

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Open Letter: Chief O’Brien Must Fire Officer Peters

An Open Letter to Traverse City Police Chief Jeff O’Brien: Dear Chief O’Brien, Fire Officer Michael Peters. With an understanding that you are committed to the often lengthy path of due process, note that the officer’s recent conduct was dangerous … Continue reading

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