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  1. Lori Grajek says:

    I want to vote responsibly. However I don’t know enough about the Wolf prop to know which way to vote. Can you help me?

    • admin says:

      There are two ballot proposals regarding wolf hunting in Michigan. Although both are technically rendered moot due to legislative shenanigans, voting remains very important if you wish to send a strong message to lawmakers. Prop 14-1 an 14-2 are worded as the state constitution requires — which seems a bit bass-akwards. Voting “NO” on both means you do not support wolf hunting in Michigan. A “YES” vote says you want wolf hunting.

      I will be voting “NO”, as I do not support wolf hunting, and equally important, I want GOP lawmakers to know that Michigan voters are not pleased with their abuse of the democratic process — not just with the two wolf proposals, but also with what the did with re-enacting PA-4 (emergency manager) after it had been repealed by popular vote, plus the “rape insurance” ballot initiative that they enacted without allowing voter input, and also the legislative end-run they made on the minimum wage ballot drive.

      Thanks for asking!

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