Albion School Activist Brought to His Knees

imagesCAV8XBNNA local activist has been brought to his knees in protest of the closure of Albion’s only high school. The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that Bobby Holley is crawling thirty miles from Battle Creek to Albion to draw attention to the cause.

The Albion Board of Education voted  two weeks ago to permanently shutter the school due to fiscal problems. At the time, no plan for providing 9-12 education existed, but they have approached the neighboring Marshall Public Schools to consider accepting the Albion students. Some Albion parents are concerned about the effects of sending their children to a school of a different racial majority — Albion is a community of color and Marshall is mostly white. Holley told the Enquirer that his motivations are not racial, he said “I want unity in the community of Marshall. I don’t want no racial stuff, no derogatory things.”

Holley did not provide his age, but in the video it is clear he is a senior citizen. He’s on Democracy Tree’s hero list.

The Albion School Board met last night and after a brief closed session, voted to lay off the high school staff.

A very sad turn of events for the community of Albion.

Amy Kerr Hardin

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  1. Betty Palm says:

    This is truly inspiring. I think a “Pub Crawl” could be a great community action – crawling for funds for “Pub”lic education. The wheels are turning. Perhaps even at the state capitol?

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