Agenda 21 Madness Hits Michigan Lawmakers — Again

images[5]There must be something in the water in Northwest Michigan, ‘cuz Rep. Greg MacMaster (R-105) is at it again. Democracy Tree reported last July on legislation (HB 5785 of 2012) that he had introduced to “ban Agenda 21 implementation” and all of its various non-binding principles in the state of Michigan.

Agenda 21 supports the implementation of sustainable development through environmental protections that do not burden economic growth. Among its tenets are combating poverty, promoting health, education, science, and cultural enhancement. These complimentary goals are encouraged at the local level and supported at higher levels of government.

Well, today MacMaster revived his crusade against what he sees as a world domination conspiracy designed to take away our homes and cars. This time he introduced it in the form of a House Resolution (non-binding, just like Agenda 21!). Thirteen of his colleagues joined him on HR 179, up from the ten that signed-on to the previous legislation that languished in the House Government Operations Committee last year.

We recently reported about similar wackiness happening in Leelanau and Charlevoix Counties, where their boards have been likewise hiding from helicopters under their desks.  Charlevoix actually managed to pass a resolution similar to the one MacMaster is proposing, and immediately after that vote, passed two more motions that violated their commitment to banish the evils of Agenda 21 from their governance.

Northwest Michigan is not unfamiliar with these reclusive backwoods attitudes. The beautiful countryside is still home to more than a few characters, and we’re not talking about Boo Radleys either.  The Michigan Militia has a strong presense in the region. In fact, just a few months ago, Democracy Tree received an ominous threat from an IP address traced to that territory.

MacMaster, a former TV weatherman, represents much of the region. His latest resolution is yet another litany of paranoid catch-phrases from the far-right:

Whereas, The Agenda 21 plan undermines basic principles upon which this country was founded and prospered…yada, yada, yada (insert more lame Libertarian tautologies here)…we oppose United Nations Agenda 21 and its destructiveness to the founding principles of the United States…

The people of Northern Michigan probably wouldn’t mind if MacMaster lost his car though — during his run for office he had one of those flashy full-car stick-on campaign ads stretched over it like a giant SUV condom. A true eyesore.

There oughta be a law against that…

Amy Kerr Hardin

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5 Responses to Agenda 21 Madness Hits Michigan Lawmakers — Again

  1. Peggy C says:

    Another right wing nut case! I did get a chuckle out of the image of board members “hiding from helicopters under their desks”. I imagine the board members sat at their desks, the rotor blades would be hitting their knees! LOL!

  2. Teacher says:

    And it is their right to want to block redistribution and control programs as we all do everywhere in the USA>

    Get with the program, it’s called sovereignty. We don’t need the global elites telling us what to do through HUD grants committed to communist UN ideas.

    The gig is up….

  3. Gino says:


  4. Tom Malleis says:

    Down with Agenda 21 and all the nefarious planning of the Council on Foreign Relations. This is a fight worth fighting.

  5. kevin bowling says:

    Amy your either an idiot or a government troll! Agenda 21 is against our constitution and our freedom any gov official supporting it belongs in jail!

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