ACTION ITEM: Jan. 20th – “Unfriend” the White House Facebook Page

The Obama Administration will be handing-over the keys to the White House Facebook page — don’t let Trump blowup your newsfeed with his childish rants. 

Just over 8 million devoted citizens — myself among them, have had the pleasure of following the Obama administration and the First Family on Facebook over the course of many years as they presided over an era of prosperity and growth. The content was always respectful, informative, and inspired. A class act, through and through.

Thank you President and First Lady Obama.

But, at 12:01 pm this friday, January 20, 2017, that stream of uplifting messaging will be silenced. In its place, Americans can expect a steady assault in the form of vitriol, misinformation, and utter immaturity. The incoming Tweeter-in-chief’s unhinged communications — from both himself and his surrogates, will be a toxin to the soul of our nation.

Action item: At precisely 12:01 pm, “unfriend” the White House Facebook page. But first, post a civil message expressing your rejection of the incoming wave of corrosive hatred and ignorance, couple those words with a fond farewell to the decent people who have given us so much to be hopeful for over the years.

Why send a message? White House communications are subject to the Presidential Records Act of 1978 — meaning that your words, in this era of the terabyte and beyond, will absolutely become part of the historical record. The WH Facebook page offered the following cautionary notice in 2014:

“Comments posted on and messages received through White House pages are subject to the Presidential Records Act and may be archived.”

WH FB page

From the White House Facebook page

Keep it decent and smart. Trump’s people may attempt to block you, and possibly delete your message, but they will be in violation of the law, and at odds with the directive of the Archivist of the United States at the National Archives and Records Administration.

Under Trump, we can expect a whole new look for the page. Predictably, the long list of White House accomplishments (currently found on the “About” page) under President Obama will be scrubbed from public view. See recent entries below, because they will be gone soon — both on social media and possibly in reality.

  • Nearly 200 Countries Reached a Global Agreement to Combat Climate Change
  • Every Student Succeeds Act Signed Into Law to Fix No Child Left Behind
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations Concluded, Supporting American Jobs
  • Clean Power Plan Finalized—Our Biggest Step Ever to Combat Climate Change
  • Deal Secured to Prevent Iran from Acquiring a Nuclear Weapon
  • The Supreme Court Held that Same-Sex Couples Can Marry
  • The FCC Voted for a Strong Net Neutrality Rule to Keep the Internet Open and Free
  • The End of Our Combat Mission in Afghanistan
  • Statement on Charting a New Course with Cuba
  • Address to the Nation on Fixing Our Broken Immigration System
  • Historic Joint Announcement on Climate Change Forged with China
  • Prohibitions Against Workplace Discrimination Extended for LGBT Contractors
  • President Obama Launched My Brother’s Keeper
  • Minimum Wage Raised to $10.10 for Workers on New Federal Contracts
  • The Supreme Court Held the Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional
  • Announcement on the ConnectED Initiative Bringing Students into the Digital Age
  • Violence Against Women Act Reauthorized
  • Second Inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama
  • Middle Class Tax Cuts Made Permanent, Tax Breaks Ended for the Wealthiest Few

After this friday, the tone of the page will reflect the brittle, thin-skinned social media persona of the new president, and it should be of no surprise if it’s pressed into service as another platform for his threats, lies, and attacks.

Life in the rarefied air of Trump Tower has left the incoming First Family at a loss on basic nuances and ironies. The somewhat clueless new FLOTUS, Melania Trump, has stated that the primary focus of her tenure in that position will be to combat the epidemic of social media bullying. In that spirit, send her the message that you are in full agreement, and are taking a proactive approach by “unfriending” her loathsome and hateful husband and his flying monkeys as they gain administrative control over the WH page.

America is tired of Trump’s talking-heads and paid pundits indignantly sputtering all over the media stage — insisting that the public must ignore their man’s puerile gaffes and insults,  while demanding we unquestioningly trust him to (at some unspecified point) start behaving like a grown up.

He’s a mentally disordered child, and he’s not changing. Unfriend him.

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3 Responses to ACTION ITEM: Jan. 20th – “Unfriend” the White House Facebook Page

  1. Paula laird says:

    He is mentally disordered. !! And the hole family wanto to be in command!! He is a criminsl!!

  2. Richard Babler says:

    Reality has become a nightmare with the election of a man with only a spoken set of morals that change at his whim to try to enforce any combative position he feels is appropriate.
    This country has endured in the face of tyranny before and will again .
    All caring people need to monitor and persist and this too shall pass.

  3. Vicki Berke says:

    He has made a mockery of the most esteemed position in The USA, he is not my president and never will be. He swore to the people who voted him in no change in medicare and social security, and hires a cabinet to destroy what he promised to keep. Devoss as director of education would cut funding to public schools and lunch programs for the poor. What hasn’t he lied about and changed his views on, it was all about getting elected we were all pawns. Will the Republican party stop investigating his companies and business deals with Russia which he denies once he is sworn in, yes we do want to see your tax records, even if you keep saying we don’t care!

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