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See All of Trump’s Deleted Mean-Tweets

President-elect Trump appears to have no more self-control than candidate Trump. This orange cat just can’t manage to change his spots. Legal questions about maintaining presidential records were raised when he deleted a Tweet critical of the cast of Hamilton … Continue reading

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Open Letter: Chief O’Brien Must Fire Officer Peters

An Open Letter to Traverse City Police Chief Jeff O’Brien: Dear Chief O’Brien, Fire Officer Michael Peters. With an understanding that you are committed to the often lengthy path of due process, note that the officer’s recent conduct was dangerous … Continue reading

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A Bad Moon Has Risen — A Sociopath in the White House

How I Intend to Survive This — And You Can Too. One of the perils of being politically plugged-in is the personal price exacted for having that kind of knowledge constantly swirling around in one’s head, even while asleep. A … Continue reading

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