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Smackdown of a Michigan Lawmaker and His Mean Spirited Potty Bill

Sen. Tom Casperson (R-38), one of Michigan’s worst lawmakers, who’s currently running in a crowded field to replace U.S. Congressman Dan Benishek in Michigan’s 1st District, today offered his long-expected politically pandering “bathroom bill.” The proposal is a tortured exercise … Continue reading

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It’s True! — There Really is Bipartisan Support to Ban Conversion Therapy in Michigan

One Michigan lawmaker has been attempting to make “conversion therapy” illegal in the state for a number of years, but he met with little success as a Democrat in a Republican-dominated legislature — now, that may all be about to … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Myopic GOP Lawmakers Teeter on the Fiscal Cliff

Updated 5-19-16 GOP Leaders Blind to the Longterm Corrosive Effects of Corporate Tax Breaks: “Temporary fluctuations in statewide tax collections are normal, and the House Republicans have spent six years budgeting responsibly to prepare for situations just like this.” — Republican House … Continue reading

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Public Sector Privatization — A Prescription for Corruption and Chaos

“Many companies win contracts by claiming that they will manage the service in ways that are more “efficient” than the government. Some companies also claim that they can reduce costs to taxpayers. However, in an effort to provide the service … Continue reading

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