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Governor Snyder’s Tragically Failed Dashboard

The False Promise of Spreadsheet Public Policy “The people of Flint got stuck on the losing end of decisions driven by spreadsheets instead of water quality and public health.” — Dennis Schornack, Aide to Gov. Snyder Republicans just love standardized … Continue reading

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Michigan Legislator Proposes Law to Eliminate Cruel Forms of Punishment in Schools

“Seclusion in schools is a dangerous and unregulated practice that puts children at risk of harm.” — Mark McWilliams, Director of Information, Referral and Education Services at Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc. Many have seen that heart-wrenching video of the … Continue reading

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Michigan GOP Lawmakers Want to Eliminate Licenses for Water Heater Installers

“After given everything that’s gone on, why in God’s name would the legislature try to pass something where you don’t need a license with water heaters, especially in this situation?” – Scott Smith, Water Defense Admittedly, if a homeowner is … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Offshore Corporate Tax Cheats Revealed

As reporters pour over the recently leaked “Panama Papers”, searching the massive document dump for names familiar here in the U.S., the Obama administration used the occasion to push for a crackdown on corporate tax inversions — an ongoing problem … Continue reading

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