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Lansing’s Death Panels — Bad Public Policy is Killing Michigan, Literally

Death by Infrastructure — It’s More than Flint Michigan’s voters, motorists, and lawmakers alike aren’t kidding themselves into believing the paltry roads budget plan enacted last fall is anywhere close to what’s needed to keep the state safely on the … Continue reading

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Michigan Lawmakers Move to Protect Student Journalism from Censorship

Freedom of Speech for Student Journalists? — Everyone in Michigan, Democrat and Republican, Should Support It. Now, More Than Ever! A certain obnoxious Republican presidential candidate has made it his priority to slam journalists — literally,┬ábody slamming them to the … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Michigan Polls Were Dead Wrong on the Democratic Primary

Political pollsters, pundits, and prognosticators, including the exalted wizards at Five-Thirty-Eight, truly screwed the pooch by calling the Michigan Democratic primary for Hillary. Those same pundits, now sporting an egg facial, have posited a number of possible factors for their … Continue reading

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Michigan GOP Senators Plan to Invoke the Wrath of God on Election Day

If five Michigan GOP senators have their way, religious leaders will be legally permitted to threaten voters with excommunication, dismissal, or expulsion from their church if they do not vote as ordered in public elections. Yes, you read that correctly … Continue reading

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