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Gov. Snyder’s Failed Friday News Dump & Schuette’s Salacious Red Herring Story — Oh, The Games They Play

As the effluence of Gov. Snyder’s carefully timed bolus of damning emails was discharged in bulk on the media last Friday, the political fallout went from bad to worse for him and his closest aides. Digging for a story, speed-reading … Continue reading

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Gov. Snyder and his Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Law

The Genesis of Some Really Bad Public Policy — How Michigan Leaders Continue to Fail Their Most Vulnerable Citizens As the crowds of dissent gather, it is increasingly obvious what an utter fallacy it is that the elected leaders of … Continue reading

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Michigan PACs: It’s Reigning Money in the Mitten State

Although the media would indicate otherwise, there’s more than a presidential election for voters to consider this year. In Michigan, the entire House comes up for re-election, as is the case every two years. (Senate terms coincide with the governor’s, … Continue reading

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Michigan Rep. Gary Glenn Carries the Gamrat Battle Flag on Guns

There’s a sad irony to this story — one that is surely lost on disgraced lawmakers, Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser It didn’t take long for Michigan’s most patriotic lawmakers to pick-up the battle flag of expelled colleague, Cindy Gamrat. … Continue reading

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A New Michigan Leader for Campaign Finance Reform Emerges

Michigan, the state that earned an “F” for governmental transparency, and under Gov. Snyder’s reign vastly expanded the influence of dark money in politics, is very much in need of an ethics overhaul. Lansing was a national joke with the … Continue reading

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