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Worst GOP Lawmaker in Michigan is at it Again With Sham Legislation

While colleagues from both sides of the aisle are offering sincere legislative efforts to repair her damages, the state’s worst lawmaker teed-up a sham “fix” for her bait-and-switch campaign finance law.  She’s at it again — the Michigan lawmaker who likened … Continue reading

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A Symbolic Move to Repeal the Emergency Manager Law — Appreciated

In a purely symbolic exercise of democracy, Michigan House Democrats proposed a bill today to wholesale repeal Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law. Their effort reflects the majority opinion of Michigan voters who repealed Snyder’s law at the ballot box back in … Continue reading

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Water Wars — How Gov. Snyder Pitted City Against City

The uncertainty created under Gov. Snyder’s emergency manager model of governance fostered dangerous fear-based public policy decisions — Michigan municipalities were pitted one against another — facing trial by fire — of the cut-throat corporate variety.  Of all the departments … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Number One Budget Priority Must Be Flint — Survey Says Voters May Agree

While politicians, pundits, candidates, and the media yammer on and on about how best to help Flint, and who may or may not be doing enough — now would be a good time to take the temperature of Michigan residents … Continue reading

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Michigan: GOP Bills Would Strip Emergency Managers of Their Immunity

Last week, Democracy Tree broke the story on the Michigan Emergency Manager Law’s immunity from civil liabilities — individuals acting under the aegis of the law are shielded from personal lawsuits, even if they cause grave harm — as long as they … Continue reading

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The Emergency Manager Law: Snyder’s Monstrous Hoax on the People of Michigan

The very first sentence of Public Act 436, Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law — not the second or third, or some obscure subsection buried within — the actual primary legal premise of the act, is a bald-faced lie. The leading statement … Continue reading

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FLINT: How Gov. Snyder Insulated His Emergency Managers from Your Lawsuits

Michigan residents, particularly those living in Flint, are taking some small measure of comfort in this week’s news. With the contaminated water fiasco being officially recognized as a state of emergency, the city will likely be receiving federal funds to … Continue reading

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Michigan Democrats Combat GOP Thuggery

MICHIGAN HOUSE DEMS PUSH BACK WITH A PROPOSAL TO AMEND THE CONSTITUTION AFTER REPEATED GOP DECEIT “There aren’t going to be any profiles of courage passed out to this chamber.” House Minority Floor Leader Sam Singh (D-69) on the duplicitous actions of … Continue reading

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