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Lansing Must Tell Courser and Gamrat that NO MEANS NO!

Time to Pass a Non-Binding Resolution: Courser and Gamrat are Not Welcome in Lansing Now that disgraced former lawmakers Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser have declared their intent to run for the House seats they forfeited over gross misconduct — … Continue reading

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Michigan Planned Parenthood Punches Back

“Let me be perfectly clear — Planned Parenthood does not sell fetal tissue. But, none of these truths, these facts, seem to stop some politicians from using these tapes to advance their own agendas.” — Jim Norton, Interim President and … Continue reading

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Michigan Lawmakers Propose Bill to Prevent Practicing Condom Use on Bananas

Lansing: The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Silly While Michigan’s roads aren’t getting fixed, here’s what Lansing’s been up to. Starting with the Silly — The Bananarama Bill Rep. Thomas Hooker (R-77), joined by his social conservative buddies … Continue reading

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Are Private Toll Roads Coming to Michigan? It Could Happen

Now that the Courser-Gamrat scandal has been put to bed, albeit in the signature Jr. High fashion expected out of Michigan’s 98th Legislature, they can forthwith move on to the larger issue of roads. Columnists across the Great Lakes State … Continue reading

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Big Box Store Bullies Prey on Michigan’s Most Vulnerable

The “Dark Store” Bait and Switch — A Corporate Scam Big box stores across Michigan are gaming the system on property taxes — threatening the core fiscal stability of townships in every corner of the state. Like the archetypal playground … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Local Leaders Turn Against Zombie Republican Lawmakers

The Courser-Gamrat affair, while tawdry in its details, remains the act of two nutty freshmen lawmakers, and simply does not rise to the ethically criminal category found in the dereliction of duty of Republican leadership in Lansing. Blame, Only Where … Continue reading

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