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GOP Lawmaker Pushes for Relaxing Gun Laws as Michigan Children Continue to Die

As the bereaved family of an 11-year old Antrim County boy — the fifth child to lose his life in Michigan this year due to an unintentional gun shot wound — prepares to lay his innocent soul to rest, a … Continue reading

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REPORT: Michigan Children With Guns — 3rd Worst in the Nation

Update 7-22-15: Less than one minute after this was published, there were reports of another child dead in Michigan’s Antrim County while playing with a gun. See Record-Eagle story HERE. Follow-up with details at UpNorthLive HERE. It’s No Accident: This … Continue reading

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Trinity’s Rap Sheet: Sex, Drugs, and Rat Shit — An Aramark Redux

Trinity Food Service’s response to prisoner allegations of food-skimping: “They don’t have a choice. We could have a bigger discussion of why they’re there to begin with. But you’re served what you’re served.” — Jim O’Connell, Trinity spokesperson, January 2015 … Continue reading

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Michigan Residents Rise-Up Against Fireworks Law

Lake Orion, a charming little township nestled in Southeast Michigan’s Oakland County — “where living is a vacation” — is among many communities finding themselves under the assault of rampant abuse of fireworks since Michigan lawmakers enacted Public Act 256 expanding the general … Continue reading

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Aramark Out, Trinity In – What Do We Know About This New Company?

Dumping Aramark as the Michigan prison food vendor was certainly a long time coming, and a good move forward for the state — maybe. What do we know about the new private, for-profit vendor, Trinity Services Group, who’s now earned … Continue reading

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Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker Fails in His Attempt to Use the Budget to Shut-Down Transparency

Walker Backs Down Under Pressure Over His Bid to Dismantle FOIA Laws Through the Budgetary Process — Remains on the Hot Seat with Litigation Just as Michigan’s new and improved Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law kicks into effect this … Continue reading

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