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BANG-BANG! Michigan’s Military-Municipal Complex – Some Counties Out of Control?

Is your local government armed to the teeth? Many in Michigan are. A recent editorial in U.S. News & World Report cited the drama writer’s principle known as “Chekhov’s Gun” — if they have it, they must use it: “If you … Continue reading

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Michigan Bill Would Prevent Job Seekers From Knowing They are Scabs

This week, Rep. Amanda Price (R-89) introduced House Bill 4630, co-sponsored by Rep. Gary Glenn (R-98). The proposal is to amend Public Act 150 of 1962 which laid-down employer rules for dealing with replacement workers during a labor dispute, commonly … Continue reading

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Aramark CEO Spends $800 Thousand on Air Travel

Aramark, the company that Michigan hired to save money on prison food services, seems to be making a pretty penny off the deal, propelling CEO Eric Foss to the head of the jet-setter class. Foss spent nearly $800,000 flying across … Continue reading

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Senate Considers Repeal of Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law

“Prevailing wage laws are the best deal for taxpayers. A PWL keeps construction costs down by promoting a high-skilled, high-quality construction workforce that completes jobs on time, the first time.” — Frank Manzo IV, Director, Midwest Economic Policy Institute Tomorrow … Continue reading

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MICHIGAN: Prop 1 Down, What’s Next?

“Michigan’s citizens are counting on us to find a real solution that will finally fix our crumbling roads and damaged bridges.” —Rep. Tim Greimel Sure, Michigan needs a workable roads plan, but after last week’s rout, where only 19.9 percent … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of (some) Campaign Finance Restrictions

With all the buzz about the recent high court same-sex marriage arguments, a little something to celebrate slipped through the media cracks. The marriage equality decision is weeks, if not months away, but another ruling on a case Democracy Tree … Continue reading

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The Michigan Prop 1 Money Trail — A One-Way Street

The Michigan roads proposal is paved with cash, but it flows in mostly one direction. Regardless of how voters feel about the content of the bipartisan compromise, in the interest of complete transparency, they should additionally know a thing or … Continue reading

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