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Michigan Lawmakers Squeal over Wolf Hunt Ruling

Sen. Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba) is crying wolf again. He, and two fellow lawmakers are howling mad over last month’s federal court ruling in favor of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), returning the gray wolf to the endangered species list … Continue reading

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Social Media Threats May Land Faux Patriots in Prison

(Warning: this post contains unpleasant material and vulgar language.) A firestorm of reprehensible, and possibly illegal, threats were directed at progressive filmmaker and political lightening-rod Michael Moore last week after he tweeted that, while growing-up, his family taught him that … Continue reading

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Parsing Snyder’s Education Policy

In his 2015 State of the State Address, Gov. Snyder focused heavily on education policy. What did he say, and how does it square-up with the harsh realties found in Michigan’s classrooms? Detroit Public Schools Education has been a sticky … Continue reading

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Casperson Wants DNR Trust Fund to Pave Logging Roads – Again

One week after Gov. Snyder told Sen. Tom Casperson (R-38, Escanaba) his attack plan on the science behind biodiversity was headed for the veto pile, the lumber baron – birther –wolf crying – lawmaker is at it again. This time he’s resurrected another … Continue reading

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Blasphemy: God Damn Illegal in Michigan

Gentle readers beware!   blas•phe•my  [noun]  Profane talk of something supposed to be sacred; impious irreverence. (Oxford English Dictionary) Illegal in Michigan? You bet! Well, bloody hell — who knew? Take the Lord’s name in vain in Michigan, among other states, … Continue reading

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Gov. Christie Drops Freudian Tweet

Not that we should give this blustering buffoon any of our time, but here’s a deleted tweet from Gov. Christie just moments before his State of the State Address last night. Christie is in a horse race with other Repubs … Continue reading

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Aramark — A Toxic Relationship for Michigan

An Alliance Hard to Swallow Michigan and Ohio have been learning the hard way about Aramark Corporation’s various shenanigans in their prisons. After a calamitous first year under contract with the private food vendor, Michigan’s Department of Corrections continues to … Continue reading

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Schuette Helps Flint Criminalize the Poor

Through a bit of semantic and legal chicanery, and the assistance of Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, Flint Township may have found a way to skirt the First Amendment and keep panhandlers from soliciting on city streets. Originally the township … Continue reading

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Justice on the Take? A New Campaign Finance Supreme Court Case in 2015

The Blind Justice Debate Welcome to 2015 — the year in which the United States Supreme Court will rule on a case potentially just as big as Citizens United. And much like that reviled ruling, few will know of it … Continue reading

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