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Things Michigan Progressives Can Be Thankful For

Yes, they do exist! Here’s a couple of things Progressives can be thankful for this Thanksgiving: First, voter-initiated ballot questions just got that much easier, plus — as it turns-out, voters aren’t quite as stupid as claimed by Jonathan Gruber, … Continue reading

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Snyder’s Skint School Budget = Unsafe Buses

GOP Budget Cuts Are Endangering Michigan’s Children The grades are in, and they’re not good. Under the requirements found in Michigan’s Pupil Transportation Act,¬†as spelled-out in the Michigan State Police School Bus Inspection Manual, the state police department issues annual … Continue reading

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The Detroit News Overstates the Value of Privatization

(In addition to watchdog commentary on public policy and politics, Democracy Tree will also be on the lookout for bias and improprieties in the media, with a particular focus on an increased blurring of the lines between opinion pieces and … Continue reading

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MICHIGAN: Another Day, Another Aramark Scandal

Now that the election is over, we can expect to see fewer attempts to leverage the unending stream of Aramark scandals intended to shame the Snyder administration over their disastrous decision to keep-on with the failed prison food contract. Right? … Continue reading

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Michigan Term Limits Still a Good Idea? Think Twice

One of the issues likely to surface in Michigan’s upcoming lame-duck legislative session will be the easing, or wholesale lifting, of the state’s constitutionally mandated term limits on lawmakers. Although the restrictions remain popular among the electorate, this is perhaps … Continue reading

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Three Possible Recounts for Michigan’s House and Senate

Michigan Democrats might want to keep a watch-out for three potential recounts of this week’s election results — two in the state House, and one in the Senate. Starting with the House races, the 71st and the 101st both produced … Continue reading

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Ethical Questions Arise Over Snyder Appointee’s “Guest Column”

(Updated 8:00 pm on 11-2-14. See below) Just days before Michigan’s midterm elections, MLive ran two articles from “guest writers” which overtly favor Gov. Snyder — a journalistic breach that casts a dark shadow over their professional ethics, and brings … Continue reading

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