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MDOT’s 2.7 Billion Dollar Boondoggle

While Michigan lawmakers continue to collectively sit on their hands over the critical issue of road funding — including the pressing need to resurface highways across the state — the Michigan Department of Transportation is advancing a $2.7 billion unnecessary and … Continue reading

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Snyder Aide Fires Michael Moore Via Voicmail

He won’t fire Rich Baird, his corrupt “Transformation Manager”, or Aramark, the even more corrupt private food vendor in Michigan’s prisons– but Gov. Snyder blithely kicked Michael Moore to the curb via voicemail — from a perky aide, no less. … Continue reading

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The Snyder Camp Earns a Deserved Editorial Battering

Updated 9-23-2014 Gov. Snyder’s been on the receiving end of a much-deserved blistering critique in the media over the past few days — given his ongoing epic public policy gaffes, neatly coupled with the continued failure in his campaign strategy … Continue reading

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Michigan: The Rich Get Richer, with Help from a “Gini” in the Bottle

EXPLAINED: Today’s U.S. Census Report on Income, Poverty, and the Gini Index for Michigan The latest income and poverty figures were released today by the U.S. Census Bureau, and it’s a mixed bag for Michigan. Just like Gov. Snyder said … Continue reading

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Michigan: A State of Hunger

(Updated 9-18-14) The Snyder administration is defending their decision for Michigan to become one of only four states that will not act to forestall cuts to food stamps this November, by claiming it was either food assistance or heating assistance … Continue reading

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Aramark Employee Arrested for Smuggling Drugs

The Aramark scandal continues to grow in Michigan as another serious incident occurred at the mid-state St. Louis Correctional Facility. An Aramark employee has been arrested for smuggling contraband, including heroin, marijuana, cocaine and tobacco. Drug searches found 39 packets … Continue reading

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Richard Baird — Snyder’s Official Cry Baby and Chief

BAIRD’S LEGAL THREATS LACK CAUSE OF ACTION and COULD CREATE ADVERSE LEGAL EXPOSURE Richard Baird, Michigan’s “Transformation Manager”, and cry baby and chief, has broadened his temper tantrum to include legal threats to newspapers for printing op-eds about his double-dipping on … Continue reading

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Michigan School Fires Gay, Pregnant Teacher

Democracy Tree is going to stray from its regular subject matter and address a topic outside of watchdogging the public sector. This story surfaced last week, and since it involves my alma mater, and runs contrary to my personal experience … Continue reading

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Snyder’s Trickle-Down TV Ad Doesn’t Add Up

As is the case with all scams, they propagate by constantly rebranding themselves — changing their name every so often. And that’s exactly what Gov. Snyder has done in his latest campaign ad titled “Michigan’s Road to Recovery.” No longer the … Continue reading

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Snyder’s SLAPP-Happy Aide Makes Legal Threats

Not once, but twice in the space of a week, Gov. Snyder’s “Transformation Manager”, Richard Baird, has threatened his critics with SLAPP suits — aka Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. It’s a form of litigation with the intention to censor, intimidate … Continue reading

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