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Michigan Democracy on the Endangered Species List

Don’t care about wolf hunting? Think again. Democracy Denied. The GOP-led Michigan House voted today to deny voters their democratic right to have a say on yet another ballot proposal. In a predictably partisan vote of 65 to 43, they … Continue reading

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MICHIGAN: Democracy at Stake — This Wednesday

Rep. Jeff Irwin (D-53) weighs-in through his Facebook page on the upcoming House vote this Wednesday, August 27th, over the various wolf hunt ballot initiatives: On Wednesday, the Michigan House is scheduled to vote on a citizen initiative, supported by … Continue reading

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Schauer v. Snyder on Education Dollars — Time for Some Fact Checking

The Michigan Truth Squad’s ruling on Mark Schauer’s first TV ad needs a little work, at least where it comes to a meaningful accounting of education spending. It certainly is a complex issue, but it is not impervious to explanation. … Continue reading

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Sign of Our Times: SCOTUS to Rule on Political Signs

It appears Michigan’s municipalities are headed for a rewrite of their political sign ordinances, or court — if the American Civil Liberties Union has their way, especially after the U.S. Supreme Court will predictably rule in an upcoming case that … Continue reading

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MICHIGAN: Women and Wolves Denied Democracy

The wolves and women of Michigan can now claim something in common — democracy denied. And GOP Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville thinks it’s cause for humor. Earlier this year, GOP lawmakers denied voters the right to decide whether insurance … Continue reading

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The Embarrassing Story Behind Michigan’s Aramark Contract

How two professors produced a study favorable to privatization — paid for by a private prison vendor, and one Michigan lawmaker convinced the state to sign a disastrous contract. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, call me … Continue reading

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Another Michigan School District to Face Emergency Management?

As we await election results after performing our civic duty at the polls today (which Democracy Tree is sure all of its readers have done), now is a good time to contemplate those beleaguered communities across Michigan that have lost … Continue reading

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