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Something’s Rotten in Aramark

While the Michigan Department of Corrections and Gov. Snyder weigh their options in deciding the fate of the controversial three-year, $145 million Aramark prison food service contract in the wake of a string of contractual breaches and findings of employee … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Baffling Ballot Question Explained

(Edited: July 31, 2014, 3:30 p.m. to include Ernst & Young graphic map) A week from today, Michigan voters will head to the polls to perform their democratic duty by selecting party candidates for the November general election. They will … Continue reading

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Schuette’s Attempt to Screw Michigan Taxpayers Doomed to Fail

In the face of today’s U.S. Appeals Court ruling that tentatively strips a half million Michigan residents of a $4,700 healthcare tax credit, let’s check out some good news first where GOP attacks on the Affordable Care Act have backfired … Continue reading

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Michigan: Dump Aramark Now

We can hardly open the daily paper without reading of some new account of Aramark food services breaching their contract with the Michigan Department of Corrections. Last week, four of their workers were caught on security video engaging in inappropriate … Continue reading

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Anti-PAC Pledges from Michigan Democrats — Good Idea?

Unequivocal declarations and pledges are nothing new in political contests. Every candidate for state and federal office receives handfuls of requests for specific policy pledges on a weekly basis. The Grover Norquist no-new-taxes pledge is the most infamous — mostly … Continue reading

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Michigan To Crack Down on Charter Schools

Good journalism can make all the difference, and the Detroit Free Press is a shining example of the power of the fourth estate. Their recent exposé on the corruption in Michigan’s charter school system has brought a swift response from … Continue reading

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Jones Day Threatens SLAPP Suit Against Detroit-Area Blogger

Jones Day, the third largest law firm on the planet, is focusing their weighty legal acumen and collective wrath upon the head of one lone Detroit-area blogger who dared to poke serious fun at their activities in the Detroit bankruptcy … Continue reading

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Another Michigan GOP Fail: Guns in Schools

While Michigan legislators are schmoozing over the course of their 12 week-long summer break, after yet another session of mostly goofy and ineffectual lawmaking, maybe one of them, between fundraisers of course, could possibly consider moving forward with legislation to … Continue reading

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