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New Group of “Job Creators” are Killing Michigan

Democracy Tree readers are already quite well versed on the chicanery of the Koch brothers and their sham group, Americans for Prosperity. But now a new, out-of-state, multi-million dollar organization is interfering with local issues — demonstrating a particular interest … Continue reading

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House Bill Would Revise the Definition of “Brandish”

On the heels of yet another mass shooting, we can expect the typical public response — an outcry for tighter gun laws to be quickly followed by push-back from the NRA. And, with mid-term elections looming, lawmakers will predictably sit … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Low Wage Jobs in Michigan

Okay, so is it really such a big deal that late last week, in a hen’s-tooth-rare bipartisan effort, Michigan lawmakers cribbed Mark Schauer’s minimum wage bill from his glory days in the Senate? Should he really earn special creds? The … Continue reading

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Partisan Frog Fight Over Official State Amphibian in Michigan

Partisan bickering has taken a warty turn in the Michigan House. Upon discovering that the Great Lakes State is one of the few that lack an official state amphibian, lawmakers rushed to fill the oversight. Republicans entertained a variety of … Continue reading

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Richardville to Michigan’s Working Poor: Eat Cake!

King Richardville reigns supreme in Michigan’s Senate. Hail to Michigan’s royalty! A slightly revised version of his minimum wage bill designed to negate the citizen-driven Raise Michigan Committee’s minimum wage ballot initiative finds itself halfway along the path to undermine democracy with … Continue reading

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Right Michigan Slams MIGOP & “King Richardville”

Yep, they call him “King Richardville”. The uber-conservative group, Right Michigan, blasted Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-17) for his attempt to make an end-run around the citizen-driven ballot initiative process. Richardville introduced SB-934 as a means to negate … Continue reading

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Michigan’s GOP Lawmakers – Among the Worst in the Nation

Legislative thuggery and dirty tricks have replaced democracy in Lansing This is the story about how the GOP subverted the voter-initiated ballot question process in Michigan. Last week, they launched yet another attack on democracy through legislative action. In the … Continue reading

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NEW POLL: How Does Michigan Feel About Detroit?

Michigan residents who have been following the financial woes of Detroit, and all that entails, have heard a litany of negative reports and commentaries, often slamming the city, its leaders and workers for inviting trouble through years of corruption. A … Continue reading

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Pure Michigan – Not So Much

Michigan lawmakers are turning their backs on the state’s greatest asset — fresh water. This past Tuesday, lawmakers in the Michigan House passed a package of three bills that will, among other things, allow for the “recycling” of toxic coal … Continue reading

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More Stupid Legislation Out of Michigan’s Leaders

Dateline: May 7, 2014, Lansing, Michigan — BREAKING NEWS: Lawmakers are hard at work, squandering taxpayer dollars with two new crucial pieces of legislation. One is designed to protect Michigan hunters from drone attacks, and the other to reaffirm that GOP leaders … Continue reading

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